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Doctor Strange #390 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Donny Cates
Artist: Frazer IrvingPublisher: Marvel ComicsRelease Date: May 23, 2018Cover Price: $3.99Review by: Dispatchdcu (Check out all his awesome reviews!)

Donny Cates ends another stellar run with humor, clever-witty banter, and setting up another writer to run with the character however they see fit. This issue opens with Zelma coming to talk to Dr. Strange only to find Spider-Man there “house sitting” as he called it. Really, Spidey was just stopping in to take a pee, but hey, we don’t find that out until the end. 

Anyway, Spidey takes Zelma to Strange’s Vet Clinic where Stephen is closing it down with his ghost dog “Bats”. Turns out, Strange has been helping animals illegally this entire time. Oh well, it’s for the best anyway since he’s Sorcerer Supreme again and all so.... Anyway, once Spidey and Zelma arrive at the Vet Clinic, Spidey and Bats are both lovestruck with one another and Zelma is just looking for a moment to talk over everything she’s feeling with Dr. Strange. 

The reader could tell that there was always something between them ever since Cates’ run started but nothing ever came of it. Maybe it was the age difference (since I think she was maybe in her young 20’s)? Or maybe Zelma was more drawn to the magic and allure that comes with being around the Sorcerer Supreme? Either way, the tension between the characters has been building to this conversational confrontation. 

The two kind of have a heart to heart with one another and we end the issue finding out that they both realize something is there between them but probably shouldn’t be there. Did you ever have the “wrong place wrong time” feeling? Or that idea that you are actually an “old soul” and connect better with people much older than you? Or that idea that “if we just meet a bit sooner” or “if I was only 10 years younger”. Well, I feel like that’s what Zelma and Strange realize they have too. 

They both realize that they probably shouldn’t be together yet both consciously acknowledge that they want to be together... and go their separate ways. Cates again sets up the new creative team back at square one in which they can take the character in any direction they want... it just better have Bats! Bleeker Street is back! Our Sorcerer Supreme is back! The world is fixed after Cap and Vegas. All is balanced in the world again. It was a nice, funny, and Strange ending. 

I loved the run as a whole and would recommend the trade to anyone. Cates run was unique, different, witty, and clever. He had big shoes to fill before taking the run over BUT I think he did a great job. It may not have been the best run of Dr. Strange ever, but it was definitely up there. 

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Bits and Pieces:

I don’t know which direction this series will go in Marvel’s “Fresh Start” but it better have Wong and Bats! Thank you, Donny, for another great series and good luck to the next creative team. 


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