Monday, May 28, 2018

Star Wars #48 Review - Marvel Monday

A Fleeting Concern

Written by: Kieron Gillen
Art by: Salvador Larocca
Colors by: Guru FX
Letters by: Clayton Cowles
Cover by: David Marquez
Publisher: Marvel
Reviewed by: Andrew McAvoy

Now, it may be an understatement to say that I have disliked the art in this series at times (see my reviews on this site...scathing may be an appropriate phrase, and fully justified I may add). It's no reflection on the story material, but I should say that it was terribly difficult to enjoy even Kieron Gillen's writing. Have things improved? Let's see.

Well. Knock me down with a feather! The art was great in this issue. Sincere praise must be heaped upon Salvador Larocca. I'm not sure whether an editorial shake-up has meant that there is a more manageable time-frame given for the art duties on this book, or whether it just a case of more experience but I really loved this issue's artwork. The really interesting combinations of art from Larocca and color (Guru Fx), really bring the Mon Calamari setting to vibrant life.

The story is good too. Boy, in a week where we get a poor man's Han Solo thrust upon us at the cinemas, it really is good to get Luke, Han and Leia all interacting together, witty dialogue, funny jokes, sincerity, and camaraderie. That plus subterfuge, some intrigue, double-crossing and a swelling of pride in the Rebel activity depicted. Great stuff. Gillen has hit his stride in this book now, and the references to Raddus made my little heart sadden (in a good dramatic way).

Bits and Pieces:

Well, no one was more surprised than me when I finished this issue, but I think that something has changed in this title. It was really good and I am happy, because frankly after the cinematic offering I really need Marvel Star Wars to be good right now. I've been enjoying Thrawn and Poe Dameron too, so if the main title turns things around like this then it makes for a good omen for that all important 50th issue coming round the corner.


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  1. They need to get the artist that worked on the Annual on the regular title NOW!