Saturday, June 2, 2018

The Crow: Memento Mori #3 Review

Story: Roberto Recchioni
Art: Werther Dell’Ederia
Colour: Giovanna Niro
Letters: Giovanni Marinovich
Published By IDW
Cover Price 3.99
Reviewed by Wheezy

Back Up – Murder of Crows
Story: David De Fellips
Art: Emanuele Ercolani
Letters: Giovanni Marinovich

The quest for revenge picks up in brutal style in this issue with a little twist at the end identifying who the ringleader of the mob is that was responsible for the murder of David, Sarah and the rest of the procession.

The first few pages act as somewhat of catch up, it seems a bit early to be highlighting this but the month to month format requires a little of this element for new readers and the gaps in the serial, it is nowhere near as bad as some books that are out there. The art does the majority of this a double page spread which I can only assume will look awesome in the print version (I am reviewing a digital copy). This is twinned with more philosophical musings of the validity of life even with the reference to the theory thrown in, this reviewer is quite lazy and is not at liberty to check the full theory, but I trust the editors that this indeed is an actual philosophy.

Following on from this we eventually see David in the daylight, which I have to say, I really enjoyed the art around these parts, I am unsure if I liked the refreshing nature of the break from the bleak, gritty style we have had in the past 2 issues, or that the art was genuinely pleasant to look at, either way, it was a welcomed change. Once David has the customary chilling exchange we start a fight scene that extends to the last page of the book. It hard to make out but I would have to assume, going off the art, that the group he fights, and eventually kills in horrific fashion are Muslim men, given the commentary in the previous issues of the suspect terror attack this would make sense. I also wonder if the book is leading to superior conflict between religions or maybe a take on religion itself as this issue again, is steeped in biblical references and maybe lends some justification to Davids crusade.

The twist, if you have been reading, is quite obvious, the ringleader of the terror group, responsible for Davids death is none other than Father Raphael. To be fair, with the limited cast in this book, and he is the only one alive we have had any background on, it could have only been his former mentor and punisher.

As usual, I will mention the backup as its part of the issue, the story is pretty much following suit from the previous backups in its shocking nature and, kind of played on the talking to strangers thinking. The art was quite cartoony as well which makes the subject more terrifying.

Bits and Pieces:

Another quick read with large splash pages, usually I have no problem with this but, although I don’t hate the art by any stretch, it may just fall short to carry some of the story for my taste along with the religious overtones this comic could be venturing into the niche gothic horror genre which I hope it doesn’t, as at the moment it is still quite accessible with enough in the locker to go on to be a worthy read.


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