Saturday, June 16, 2018

Back to the Future: Tales From The Time Train #6 Review

Story: Bob Gale and John Barber
Art: Megan Levens
Colours: Charlie Kirchoff
Letters: Shawn Lee
Reviewed by Wheezy

Having read the previous five issues to catch up to this one, the payoff was underwhelming but expected. The old switcheroo that took up an entire issue between two dogs, and the Nazis that were used for the generic baddies and a cameo from Albert Einstein all gets wrapped up nicely with a bow on it and the warnings from the first issue about disrupting the time stream seem to be forgotten about. I think enjoyment is all relative, let's find out.

The first few pages are of Doc and his captured sons (Jules and Verne) getting marched around at gunpoint by the German Nazi spy and the entire audience of the World Fair thinking it was a performance. I get that the nature of this is silly and to be fair the whole mini-series has been that way so this is not a shock, but it kind of dampens the peril they are in, as they are also getting chased down by a zealous dog carer who is afraid of a beheading in his home country. They manage to avoid this by a handbag to the head and some good old fashioned reasoning, with the Doc getting to meet his idol Albert Einstein in the process. There are a few highlights where Doc was buying up comic books to put his kids through college, which I had a chuckle at, and the quintessential American costume hero punching out a Nazi may have a deeper message, but that might be clutching at some straws. The whole thing is pleasant, the art and the story are inoffensive, the actual plot is very safe without any time bending shenanigans.

Bits and Pieces:

I get I may not be the required age range to enjoy this, but given that Back to the Future is a 30-year-old property, am not sure how well this comic will rope in a younger audience. Aside from that, you would have to be a diehard fan to pick this up as it never rocks the boat one way or another.


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