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Captain America #703 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Mark WaidArtist: Leonardo Romero, Alan DavisPublisher: Marvel ComicsRelease Date: June 6, 2018Cover Price: $3.99Review by: Dispatchdcu (read all of his awesome reviews!)
This is some creative Waid writing. I am loving this arc, as well as the last, and I’m pumped to see what happens next. At the end of the last issue, Waid threw a curve ball at us unleashing the Red Skull, who was trapped in the Cosmic cube for many years. Everyone thought we’d get Cap back to help bring down the secret Kree sleeper soldier program. Turns out, we got the opposite.

So, I just assumed that we’d open this issue with Cap jumping out of the Cosmic Cube right after Skull. But, boy was I wrong. That is not the issue we got at all! This issue was a total shock; from the direction, I thought we were going into how Jack was going to save the day. But even though Waid pulled a fast one on me, I’m happy he did. Why? Because Waid continues to hit the key components of a comic. Is it creative? Yes. Is it interesting? Yes. Is it easy to follow? Yes. Is it imaginative? Yes. And, does it spark conversation and speculation after reading it? Yes.

The story is so creative and fun and I have mixed emotions about it ending. I’m excited for Fresh Start but I’ve been loving Captain America under the leadership of Waid and don’t want to see him go. It’s actually part of the reason why I’m willing to hang in there with Dr. Strange number 1. Seeing what Waid is capable of, you have no choice but to let his stories play out before you can really critique them. Well, let’s “super soldier” through shall we? 

This was really a quick read. The story opens with Red Skull standing over Jack and he’s basically thinking how totally screwed he is!!! All Jack wants is to save his son. That’s it. He snuck into the White House for that reason. He went into hiding for that reason. He tries to dig up Cap under D.C. for that reason. But every step of the way, Jack continues to find himself in deeper and deeper Pizza! It’s so deep it’s Chicago style right now.

So, the only way Jack sees out of this mess is to side with Red Skull and basically unleash him on the General and the Kree. Do you understand what I’m saying? A Rodgers working with Skull.... and not because of timely-whimey mind altering mumbo-jumbo, Cosmic Cube stuff either. Jack legitimately sides with a family enemy to save the day, the planet, and his son. The enemy of my enemy is my friend..... I guess. Well, you know what? It worked! Skull goes HAM and basically uses the Cosmic Cube to share the truth to the entire American people. So, all of the citizens rise up and work with Red Skull to take down the General and the Kree. This is just nuts to me and totally blindsided me.

Jack finds the General, who is holding his son captive and beats the cinnamon rolls out of him only to find out that in 24 hours, the Kree are coming to wipe out the planet and start over. But for some reason, Jack makes the claim that his son will stop him, which is the cliffhanger we end the issue on. How in the name of Abraham Lincoln (vampire hunter) will Jacks son, who's been sick in a tube since the issue began, be the person to stop the world from ending? Beats me. But I totally want to find out. 

This issue wasn’t where I thought Waid was taking us but I’m glad he did. I love truly being surprised in a story and Waid has done a great job with that since his run started. I also love the throwbacks to old Cap as well as the old style art choice of the book. I feel like I’m reading something written in the 70’s. 

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Bits and Pieces:
Please pick up this issue, as well as this arc. You will be happy you did. Better yet; go back another arc and just grab it all! This is how you write a story. I can tell Waid has thought out this story entirely before writing it and it shows. Put the next issue on your pull list before it’s too late. You’ve been warned.


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