Saturday, June 16, 2018

Ducktales #9 Review

Story A
Letterer: Tom B.Long

Story B

Letterer: Tom B.Long

Review by: Wheezy

You would be hard pushed to find people who didn’t experience Ducktales with a sense a fondness, I am hoping this issue would bring me similar joy from the franchise it did all those years ago, and it had 2 stories in this one, so the odds were in my favor. Let's find out.

Story A – The Risk McDuck refused

The issue opens with the duck family watching themselves adventuring on the television, with Scrooge McDuck declaring his love for voyaging but at the same time coming to the realization that he is getting older and his days of swashbuckling may be behind him. With this in mind, he goes and visits Old Van Wrinkles Lab, where they have discovered the magic of time travel. Knowing this Scrooge ventures back to what I assume is the gold rush in America to make another fortune and due to the rules will feel much younger. True enough, Scrooge embraces this and outwits some vagabonds who are out to steal his gold, upon doing so he meets a lady (lady duck?) and helps them both escape from the clutches of the thieves. They both realise they both have a love for adventuring and it seems they are locked into living the lifestyle of eccentric billionaires until Lady Duck makes the unthinkable suggestion of having a family with Scrooge, at this point he exits in blatant fashion to be with his own family he left on the couch, knowing that they provide all the adventuring he needs.

Story B – The Frightful Family Fishing Trip

The story begins with Donald harassing Scrooge about too much questing after coming off the back of entering a volcano to steal back a golden egg (I know, but its Ducktales, just go with it), Donald would like a quiet weekend fishing rather than risking life and limb all the time. Scrooge finally caves and agrees with Launchpad to pick him up at a certain point over the weekend. Obviously, things go askew when they run into the Beagle Boys, renowned for trying to rob Scrooge McDuck every chance they get. Hijinks ensues which leads Donald and Scrooge to work together to trap Ma Beagle and her boys with Launchpad coming to get them. It seems mischief always finds Scrooge McDuck.

Overall I didn’t mind this one, there was a few call back to previous issues if you are a stickler for continuity this might annoy you, but you could jump on here. It’s the standard children (all ages) deal with the art looking exactly like the cartoon giving a degree of familiarity with it, as per the notes above the stories are done by different artists but you could never tell unless it was pointed out. The stories as well were not too convoluted so children of a certain age could keep up without any problems and it doesn’t carry the worry of parental guidance.

Bits and Pieces:

Without sounding too generic if you liked the Ducktales shorts you would probably like this, I would probably recommend it for kids as a lot of publishers take no advantage of their properties and younger readers so there is a void to fill.


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