Monday, June 11, 2018

Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost #2 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Matteo Buffagni
Price: $3.99
Release date: 6/6/2018
Review by David Assall

Daredevil and his team resume their hunt for Wolverine. This is a hot case with hundreds of leads to sort through. Which means it’s time to get into our Attilan force skycharger and head out for some old-fashioned detective work.

We start with the team working out how to start whittling down the hundreds of leads found by Cypher. This would be easier if the heroes didn’t need to limit the amount of time Cypher is on the internet due to his unhealthy addiction to being online. Cypher manages to filter out some of the leads before the team cut him off. The detectives then head out to start investigating what’s left.

After hitting a few dead ends the team strikes lucky. Cypher’s system picks up a distress call from Canada. A group of people trapped in a ranger station is being attacked by someone that matches Wolverines description. The team heads out to investigate and find a bloodbath. They realize that Wolverine has taken a hostage and headed out to the woods. Cypher is left behind for his own safety as the heroes set out to track Wolverine. Unfortunately, they forgot who they were dealing with. The whole thing was a ruse which leads to disastrous consequences for one member of the team.

Early on in the comic Daredevil asks himself what they should do if they find Wolverine. It’s a great question, is the team strong enough to defeat Wolverine should they come face to face? Especially this version of Logan, who seems to be even more of a focused ruthless killer. This Wolverine kills in the same way as the one from claws of a killer but seems to lack the humanity of the Wolverine from infinity countdown prime. Is there more than one Wolverine? If you haven’t given up on this series these are the questions that will keep you hooked. Judging by the ending to this issue the answers will be coming very soon.

The art remains at a high standard throughout, the facial expressions again steal the show. A personal highlight was Cyphers knowing smirk as he manages to manipulate the team into letting him back on the internet. This comic rewards a second read through focusing on the art.

Bits and Pieces:

Soule and the art team stick to the noir style set in the first issue and this comic is all the better for it. This is a solid issue to take us to the halfway point in this series. I'm looking forward to reading how the heroes move on from the shock ending and to seeing how Soule builds on the growing relationship between Frank McGee and Misty Knight.


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