Friday, June 15, 2018

Batman #48 Second Opinion

Writer: Tom King
Artist: Mikel Janin
Publisher: DC Comics
Release Date: June 6, 2018

Cover Price: $2.99
Review by: Dispatchdcu (read all of his awesome reviews)

Well, so Joker wants to be the best man. Is he really deserving of the title? I mean really? Come on man. They have had their bromance for a while now.... since Jokes and Riddles... but is that long enough to be Batman’s best man? Let’s find out. 

The issue is a quick read and won’t take to long to summarize to be honest. Joker goes into a church where a small wedding was happening and basically goes nuts killing everyone to draw Batman to him. Joker has a theme. He puts the gun to the hostage's heads and tells them not to move “one inch�� or he’ll shoot them... but each time he shoots them anyway. Go figure? 

Well, Joker shoots and kills the groom and Batman comes flying in through a ceiling window.... I think... to save the day. So, he was too late to save the groom. Joker grabs the bride and goes through his “one inch” routine again but blows her head up anyway. Batman and Joker fight it out for a bit until Joker, realizing that he has no more hostages because they’re all dead, shoots Batman in the head while wrestling with him. But his cowl is bulletproof so he wasn’t hurt. 

Joker then uses himself as a hostage and puts the gun to his own head. Joker continues his long diatribe about his mother and bends down to pray in front of the church with Batman only to find out that he placed a bomb there blowing them both up knocking Batman unconscious and leaving Joker up and ready for action. We end the issue realizing that Selina was told to wait outside the entire time and now is heading in to save Bruce. 

So, I got a couple things. The first is the art was fantastic as always and I loved the portrayal of Joker. He looks nuts! Not cut off my face Texas chainsaw nuts, but still crazy enough that we wouldn’t want to be alone with him at an Applebee’s. I loved Jokers look as well. He seemed new age-y with his hairstyle which is what the kids are doing these days. So, the highlights in the issue were definitely Joker. 

The parts that bothered me were with Batman to be honest. Let’s just say he didn’t know the groom was about to get shot and give him a free pass on him and the others in the church. Batman isn’t Omnipresent and can’t be everywhere at once nor can he save everyone. And ultimately, he didn’t shoot anyone. But remember, Batman arrived after that happened. So again, I say free pass for those deaths. 

But he saw Joker take the bride as a hostage. Why didn’t he do something else to stop him from blowing her head off? And after that happens, Batman looks totally unfazed. And then, Joker puts the gun to his head and asks him to kneel with him or he’ll kill himself. I understand Batman is about saving everyone and doesn’t want anyone to die but he just lost tons of good people and now you're going to kneel beside the man who just killed them all to stop him from taking his own life? No way! 

I get it. Every life matters and I am all for that. But Joker would never have killed himself. No way! Batman’s rule is no killing. But, he wouldn’t have killed Joker. Joker would have killed himself. Throw a Batarang and wrap him up right there. And if he happened to shoot himself in the process, think of all the future killing you would have saved. I can understand not doing that to save the bride since you may be nervous that you could potentially have the gun go off and kill her. But, that would never have happened with Joker. He would have never done it. 

I just feel like too many people died because Batman wasn’t reacting how I feel he should be. Batman seems indecisive about every decision lately. Honestly, in every book he’s in. That’s a big problem for me. Huge problem! I could forget about it in Jokers and Riddles. I could tell myself that Batman’s new and still working through some stuff. But this is a Batman that just got back from fighting evil Dark Batmen, possibly Batmen from the future and Brother Eye, and maybe back from space, and you're telling me he lets that bride die like that AND falls into that simple trap from Joker totally unfazed. I’m sorry but I can buy it. Something is wrong with Batman. Is it the wedding? Is he going to realize that he can’t be happy and that he shouldn’t be with Selena because too many people are dying? Because he has not been focused for a long time now. I’m not saying I haven’t liked Kings run. I actually love it. But something just hasn’t felt right for me since the poison ivy issues. 

Also, Joker vs Batman... that fight should be totally uneven. Batman should kick his butt repeatedly. Over and over again. But not in here. Joker gets hit and keeps on coming. I don’t know, I feel like this idea of the wedding and the gift and the telling his family and friends is just dragging on now. I’m just getting tired of it and want to move on now. This wasn’t what I expected BUT that said, I loved his take on Joker and I loved the art. I personally feel like King has done better. But I think I’m ready for a new storyline right now. 

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Bits and Pieces:

Should you read it... yes. Will I read the next issue... yes. Am I frustrated that I feel like the run has stalled... yes. It’s still better than many issues we are getting at DC right now in my opinion. But I think I’m more frustrated in general at the character of Batman as a whole in all books. Lots of people are dying and he just seems to get a free pass for that... again in all Batman titles. Can we fix that issue, please? 


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