Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Bane: Conquest #12 Review

Baby On Board

Written By: Chuck Dixon
Art By: Graham Nolan, Gregory Wright, Carlos M. Mangual
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 27, 2018

It's the end of our year long Bane adventure and while I would like to say that it was worth every penny along the way...... it did hit some speed bumps that sometimes made the story a little less than enjoyable.  Overall though, I'm happy that I had this distraction in my life because when it hit, it hit hard and I ended up laughing out loud a bunch of times throughout this series and every now and again I love not having to deal with any real continuity to a story.  I went into this like I would have as a young kid reading Batman right after Knightfall and that was enough for me.  I just wish that every issue was perfect throughout because even though we're dealing with a pretty contained story, where Bane is trying to take down Kobra, it didn't always read great as you went along.  Hopefully, that's not the case here and we can end this story on a high note.  Let's jump into this issue and check it out.

It's the finale of Bane Conquest and with that you'd expect a certain amount of wrap up and things that have been set up from issues ago to come to fruition here and for the most part, that happens here.  Too bad that it's just in a way that isn't too satisfying.  Not to get too *SPOILER*-y here, but we had a bit issues and issues ago where Bane's crew bought guns from Intergang and Steppenwolf and out of nowhere that little bit comes back into play in this issue, but it doesn't do it in any kind of satisfying way and even leaves us with a cliffhanger going on............ like we're going to be getting more of Bane like this......... come on.

While I love the art in this issue, which I have loved throughout this series, the story just never really comes together fully.  Yeah, Bane goes back to being a conflicted character that I'd love to read more about, but everything else that we've been dealing with in this story just kind of ends or goes away without any kind of satisfying conclusion, as if this wasn't really the end of the series and for reading what I thought was a contained story for over a year now and not getting a real conclusion.......... Well, that kind of sucks.  All in all, great art, great Batman and Bane, but everything else was just there to fill up page space and because it never ended, I get the idea that none of it really mattered in the long run.

Bits and Pieces:

While I was hoping for a big over the top and fun ending to this year long story, what I got instead was a lot of nothing that really came off like there was no real story planned at all because characters just go away in this like it was supposed to continue and I can't get any real kind of satisfaction from that.  I love the art and the portrayal of the main character, but this finale was a big letdown.


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