Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Doctor Strange #2 Review - Marvel Monday

Supremely Out Sourced

Writer: Mark WaidArtist: Jesus SaizPublisher: Marvel ComicsRelease Date: June 20, 2018Cover Price: $3.99

Well after last issue of Doctor Strange I refilled my antidepressant medication hopefully I don't have to use it. It's highly probable considering where we last saw our star-crossed sorcerer from space sector 281..fouurrr….wait somethings not right here?

Welcome back to Planet Grynda. A highly scientific and evolved society that never looked to the stars for answers because they quite enjoyed having the heads planted firmly up their own asses. With this off-worlder, Stephen Strange, dropped in their lap they take every chance they can to study him. We are talking: poke, prod, pinch, pierce, and probe here people! This is not a resort for the magically defunct Sorcerer Supreme
Thankfully after 73 days of this morse mortician like dissection that Stephen has been going through a ray of sunshine gets tossed into the cell with him. Well, she is more like a flashbang actually.  She is an Alien being that is accused of being a thief but she prefers to refer to herself as an Archanologist. She is in space doing the same thing Doctor Strange is doing looking for magic and arcane objects. Yes its a very convenient plot point but I personally would give or done anything to get out of this depressing part of the story. This character is fun, energetic, inquisitive, a comfort bubble popping type of being. Exactly what this story needs well played Mark Waid. 

This feisty cellmate within minutes of being thrown into this jail, that has broken our Sorcerer Supreme, has devised a way out. Sending our story skyrocketing forward with light color and action. With a little bit of magic and a little bit of technology from Stephen’s space suit, our nameless new addition busts open the cell and set the duo scrambling for her spaceship. 

On their way to her ship though Stephen notices that the previously none existent space fleet of this planet is now A BOOMING cottage industry. They have massive ships built already. Stephen wonders what has changed? These people had no care for the outside world what could possibly have happened to influence these people to build warships. After a few eavesdropping and some common sense, Strange figures out he is the catalyst for the Gryndan’s Intergalactic ambitions.

If he doesn't stop this space race here and now they will be knocking on Earth’s door in no time. Lucky again for him his new friend is a very adept thief. She went back for the big magic “fix anything stone” she was on this planet for in the first place. 

Doctor Strange goes to use this stone but unfortunately, he is still flaccid in the where the magic happens department. So they make a run for her ship with all these upright lizard people firing lasers at them. They reach the safety of the space vessel and Stephen is aghast at the enormity of the situation they are running away from like cowards. They are possibly condemning Earth and likely many other planets along the way also.

His new friend and pilot says what are the two of us against a whole planet going to do all while she is hitting the boosters to leave the planet. In the upper atmosphere, Doctor Strange says WAIT and opens the ship door and jumps the fuck out making the heroes choice in a bad ass way that I don't want to spoil. Earning the trust of his new friend who’s name is PKZKRFMKNNA which just rolls of the tongue beautifully (Kanna for the rubes).

Bits and Pieces:

Whew, I literally expelled air when Kanna was introduced to this story and then I inhaled smiled and continued smiling till the end. The art is just fantastic by Jesus Saiz. Mark Waid had me as depressed as possible. I almost couldn't take it anymore and then we changed direction completely. The colors came back to the story the energy came back and I’m glad I stayed with it. 


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