Sunday, June 24, 2018

Zero Jumper #2 Review

Zero Sum Game

Written by: Patrick Mullholland
Art by: Patrick Mullholland
Colors by: Patrick Mullholland
Published by: Alterna Comics 

I was really, really impressed by the opening installment in this mini-series which is written, drawn, inked and colored by one man. That's a pretty impressive feat in and of itself, but when the end product is as fine as issue 1 then its even more startling in terms of an achievement. Let's see how this second installment is. 

This issue is a step up again. I loved it. There is a real "Luke Skywalker in a A New Hope" vibe about this second issue as the central character Juno enters into this galaxy's version of a hive of scum and villainy. It is really electric fun as she steals an all-important item from one of the patrons and then has to high tail it out of there pronto. From there, there is an exciting chase sequence and then a really fine twist at the end. Mullholland's writing gives us exactly what we want from a space adventure, light-hearted fun, and excitement with a hint of darkness. 

The art matches this style brilliantly too. Firstly the colors. The pastel tones used here are similar to the opening issue, and the delicate art style matches them perfectly. I like the very fine lines used to depict the characters. Juno's depiction allows the reader to gather up every little quirky expression and funny look and there is a lot of humor conveyed in this book as well as soaring action. 

Bits and Pieces:

This is a stronger issue than the opening installment and there is a real discipline brought to bear on the pacing and measurement used in distributing out the story. We have covered quite a bit of ground in two issues without it ever feeling like we were being deluged with information. The lighthearted comedy element to the book courtesy of Juno's smart-ass attitude is really appealing too. A mini-series that goes from strength to strength. Alterna Comics has some real gems hidden in its roster of talent and this book is one of them. 



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