Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Weapon H #4 Review - Marvel Monday

How Massive Is Minotaur's Man-Thing

Writer: Greg Pak
Artist: Cory Smith
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 20, 2018

Cover Price: $3.99

Clay, an Ex-military man with a family was turned into The Hulkvorine. Now he is doing his best Bruce Banner soul searching walk-bout impression. He is trying to protect the ones he loves by staying away from them, but destroying everything in his path in the process. Sooner or later everyone will get caught in the backdraft and Roxxon will be there to fan the flames.

In Fort Worth Texans Dario Agger C.E.O. of Roxxon Industries tries to be reasonable and polite with the old timer, Sergeant Davies. Davies was in a combat group that had a particular set of skills. One of these men from this combat group is the Hulkvorine. Davis, not the talking type tries chasing Dario off his porch with a shotgun. Dario, not the cowering type turns into the Minotaur and beats the shit out of Davis to get answers. The only thing Davis lets slip is the Creature has a family.

In Odessa, Texas, Clay’s wife searches and reflects on time spent with her husband. She thinks of his happy place and hops on a bus for the Redwood National Forest.   In the Redwood National Forest, we find our tortured soul meditating. That is until Man-Thing comes busting up the Ohm party. 

Clay dodges Man-Things initial thrust. Bursting out of his flesh he becomes the Hulkverine and takes on the moldy moss riddled monster. As Hulkverine battles, Director Agger directs his scientists to send his Fly-spies near Hulkverine so he can divulge his madman plan and torment Clay in the process. He tells Clay that this Man-Thing is special it's bigger and worse than all other guy’s Man-Things because he spliced his with Groot juice. Once his Man-Thing gets a Firm Grip on you, you will find it harder than usual to escape. 

Hulkvorine hacks and slashes his way through the Man-Thing but slowly Man-Thing consumes him as Agger whispers to him his worst fear. ‘I know you have a family.’ With that knowledge, Man-Thing’s "burn you ability" kicks in and the fear and rage combine into an explosion that ignites the forest.

It is at this moment Clay’s wife Sonia arrives at the National Park. Emergency crews are already evacuating people. They tell Sonia to get back, but she sees one lady sneak off into the woods and Sonia follows. It turns out to be the Scientist that the Hulkvorine saved in the first issue. She has been tracking Clay since then.

The fight between Hulkvorine and Man-Thing continues as the two ladies watch on. Until Clay notices the two women standing there watching in a forest fire while two monsters duke it out. He recognizes both of them and tosses them in the drink to hid them from Roxxon. Who then swoop in to take their prize.

Bits and Pieces:

Cory Smith your art WoW just wow this was Awesome. A Man-Thing spliced with a Groot to battle a Hulk spliced with a Wolverine. DO I NEED TO SAY MORE? 


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