Monday, June 25, 2018

Daredevil #604 Review - Marvel Monday

I Have Bad Gas

Writer: Charles Soule
Artist: Mike Henderson
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 20, 2018

Cover Price: $3.99

The Beast has passed gas and now all of New York gets to bask in it. Matt Murdock has already fallen prey to the foul fiend’s farts, but now he has an unlikely ally on his side…his Priest?!  Will he pray the smell goes away like most children do when their fathers let one rip in the car locking the windows in the process? We will have to find out…

The short answer is yes that is technically what The Priest does. It's not really that simple though.  Father Jordan last issue had walked through the gas in a suit of armor to get to the Mayor’s office. Now here he orders the office cleared so he can essentially perform an exorcism to dispel the gas from Matt’s body. It takes Father Jordan no time at all to get rid of it, but I really think he just wanted everyone out so he could talk to Matt alone.

Once Matt has gotten his bearings Father Jordan explains to him that he is here to help and he has brought friends. As Jordan explains all about his Catholic Order that has been around for centuries, we see these Mid-evil ninja Catholic warrior like dudes jumping from a plane with glider packs, swords, and guns. They fly into town and just start mowing down Hand foot soldiers. Some of this is much-needed recap since this Priest really hasn't been seen since issue 16 where he beat up a group of thugs by himself and enjoyed it.

Basically, the Ordo Draconium ( The Order of the Dragon ) is one of those Godly armies that is fighting for everyone's safety from the shadows through the ages and the Beast is the Devil. 

With that squared away, Daredevil and his new army find out where the gas came from and head there to kick some ass. The Beast was prepared for them though and with his trap sprung it might come down to another unlikely hero to save the day. I will put a Pin in that for now…

Bits and Pieces:

Some life has been injected into this book! I want to sing it to the heavens. Whether it was Soule having fewer comics to write (which I think that was temporary) or it was Mike Henderson coming on the book I don't know but this book has gotten good again. It has energy and intrigue again. It has me saying buy this comic again.


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