Monday, June 25, 2018

The Lost City Explorers #1 Review

Stranger things in the lost city

Written by: Zack Kaplan
Art by: Álvaro Sarraseca
Colors by: Chris Blythe
Publisher: Aftershock Comics
Publication Date: 20 June 2018

It's always a good sign when you hit the end of a comic book and you realize, oh! I've finished. Well, that's what happened to me with this book, let's see what happened that made time goes by so quickly. As the Reverend Al Green sang, funny how time slips away.

What was so enjoyable about this issue was that Kaplan seemed to rotate quite briskly through four very different parts. After an intriguing prologue, the first part of this issue is a kind of slacker, mumblecore, lament on how unfair life is and how little attention daddy pays to the main protagonist. That section ends when daddy dies. The next section deals with the aftermath of daddy's death, followed by a section on the mysterious circumstances of that death. The final segment is the set up for what seems to signal a really fantastic adventure set up in coming issues.

The art from Sarraseca and Blythe is really stylish. There is a Stranger Things vibe about the cover (above), but that is definitely apparent within the interior art too. It is very stylish, the characters are very well rendered, and it is a really cool and slick book to look at. Helen (or 'Hel') as the main character is very on modern in design and draws the eye of the reader, the depiction of her facial expressions match the moods reflected in the dialogue.

Bits and Pieces:

This was a good first issue and with the Atlantis angle being mooted at the end, and the references to Homer (Helen, her brother Homer, and the burial of the Odyssey with the father's suit - the body is missing!) signal the fact that this mystery is going to get very interesting as we journey into the unknown. Good solid start to the series.


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