Saturday, June 23, 2018

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Urban Legends #2 Review

Writer: Gary Carlson
Artist; Frank Fosco
Publisher: IDW
Release Date: June 20th, 2018
Cover Price $3.99
Review By: Ron Freilich

Last time in Urban Legends # 1, on the eve of their birthday, the Turtles were attacked in their lair by the deadly Ninja chick Pimiko and her crew of killer Cyborgs. The Turtles took out the cyborgs but Pimiko managed to kidnap Donatello, Splinter and get away on a helicopter.  Splinter managed to contact the Turtles via the astral plane and let them know that during a fight Donny was thrown off the chopper along with one of the cyborgs.
The contact was violently interrupted by Pimiko and this is where we rejoin the action...

Play By Play:
(Spoilers ahead, for a straight-up review and score rating, look further down)

Donatello is in midair, falling down while still fighting the cyborg from the previous issue.
The Cyborg’s gun accidentally goes off and he shoots off his own head. Yep. 
R.I.P. evil Cyborg.

Meanwhile, to keep a low profile in case of another attack, the Turtles have relocated to the Mausoleum vault in the Westwood Cemetery or as Raph puts it “It’s a morgue, stupid!”.

Raph heads out to try to get some inside info from contacts in the Foot on Pimiko and the Dragonlord.

Another mysterious Ninja lady by the name of Angel who followed the guys is overlooking and reporting their whereabouts to Pimiko who in the meanwhile arrived with Splinter to Dragonlord Komodo’s estate.

In Komodo’s lab, an experiment on a Wolverine lookalike test subject named The Weasel shows he’s “only” a human mutant and has no hybrid animal DNA, which apparently is what Komodo’s after, and thus an unhappy Weasel gets taken out in cold blood courtesy of Pimiko’s sword.

In the mausoleum, Leonardo is attempting to reconnect with Splinter on the astral plane but instead somehow gets Donny’s who’s passed out unconsciousness after his helicopter free fall.

Donny’s not sure if he’s still alive when all of a sudden he disappears from the astral plane and wakes up back in his physical body to find out he can’t move and has no feeling below the neck. “Oh man, I wish that I was dead!” Donny says. 
You NEVER want to hear a Ninja Turtle or any turtle for that matter say this, cause what hope do any of the rest us have, I ask ya?

Meanwhile Mikey and Raph discover that Komodo’s headquarters is located in upstate New York, they try to wake up Leo who’s still in deep trance when all of a sudden they’re attacked by a group of killer Ninja chicks (they’re called Kunoichi you know) led by Pimiko who’s here to end the turtles, but sadly ends issue # 2 just as some good ol’ fashioned ass kicking is about to begin. Doh!

Astute Observations:

This is really difficult to review cause I simply find this book just pure wall to wall FUN. I have to think really hard of something to critique in the writing department and if that’s the case that means it shouldn’t be forced.

If I have anything negative to say is that again, the art leaves a lot to be desired and won’t be everybody’s cup of tea, but is a product of it’s time and it is what it is.

Bits and Pieces:

This is really a great book, I love it and if you’re a Turtle fan, simply grab it and have a blast!!


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