Monday, June 18, 2018

Darth Vader #17 Review - Marvel Monday

Cala Gala

Written by: Charles Soule
Layouts: Giuseppe Camuncoli
Finishes: Daniele Orlandini
Colors: David Curiel
Published by: Marvel Star Wars
Publication Date: 13 June 2018

You wait for one comic book starring the Mon Calamari with their quirky little water-borne ways and then two come along at once. Yes, not only is the main Star Wars title dipping its toes in the waters of Mon Cala, the Darth Vader title has also been covering the same aquatic terrain. Let's take a deep dive into this issue to see how it was.

The neat part of having the main Star Wars title looking at Mon Cala is that we are seeing events taking place in that title in the period between A New Hope and Empire Strikes back, whereas this title compliments it by giving is the tale in relation to how the Mon Cala were brought into the emerging Rebellion. Soule's writing in this issue paints a very stark picture about how brutal the Empire could be in inflicting damage upon the galaxy even before the emergence of the Death Star and the searing images in this book of Star Destroyers wreaking havoc on the planet below them is very poignant. Tarkin is particularly well rendered as he masterminds the planet's plight (although still not quite as deliciously evil in this rendition as in Luke Ross' version in Thrawn).

Meanwhile, Vader and his band of Inquisitors track down Jedi Knight Ferren Barr, in an escapade that will prompt flashbacks of Order 66, Anakin Skywalker as was, the recruitment of the Jedi, and the role of Barr in manipulating the Mon Cala. That latter part is a very interesting dimension that prompts questions of what decisions are the correct ones to take in the pursuit of the "greater good". Deep thinking prompted by this space opera, yes indeed.

As has been the case throughout this series the artwork is sublime. Lovely figure work in terms of the central characters, the backgrounds wonderfully detailed, and in this issue in particular Curiel's colors practically glow off the page which makes the lightsaber battles particularly intriguing. Very nice work.

Bits and Pieces:

You do reach for an issue of this series in complete and utter confidence that the story it will tell you will be interesting, the dialogue authentic and the art beautiful. It is perhaps the only Star Wars Marvel title that I can say that about. This issue fulfills those expectations yet again.


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