Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Justice League #2 Review

May The Hidden Forces Be With You

Written By: Scott Snyder
Art By: Jorge Jimenez, Alejandro Sanchez, Tom Napolitano 
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 20, 2018

As you probably know, the Justice League went and broke the Source Wall and since then things have been going crazy throughout the Universe as energies from outside the Multiverse have been pouring in and it's this book where we'll be dealing with the brunt of those energies........ and problems and from what we saw in the previous issue, it seems that the heart of the Source Wall itself has come to Earth to either help or destroy existence.  I've never been good with fifty/fifty odds, but hopefully the Justice League are luckier than I am as they try to figure out their future.  Let's jump into this issue and see what Scott Snyder has in store for us.

For this issue we start opening up the ideas of what it means when we say that the Source Wall has been broken and with that we discover from Lex Luthor that the Universe has seven hidden forces and while I would ordinarily be compelled by this idea, it seems a little too close to the four cosmic energies of the Universe idea that we just had in No Justice.  For right now though, things seem to be different enough to keep me cautious but optimistic, but these seven hidden forces seem to be the key to either saving or destroying the Universe as we know it and it's because of the Source Wall being broken that these forces are finally able to be fully accessed.  It's just too bad that Luthor is the one who knows about them and has decided to go full out villain for this series.

While I think the Justice League aspect of this book suffers because of all the exposition that they're forced to wade through to get the story across to the reader, I find myself more into this issue than I was the last and that's mostly because of these concepts of the hidden forces that add new aspects to the DC Universe or add a new dynamic to characters and things that have already been established.  For this issue, we deal with two of these forces and while they'll probably piss off some readers, it's new ideas like this............ or old ideas with new twists that I need to keep me interested in the books that I love so much.  The Legion of Doom sections of this book and just Luthor in general continues to shine, which is no shock to me because these sections are the ones that are dealing with the seven hidden forces and while I hate to see Lex turned back into a bad guy, Scott Snyder reminds us why it worked so well for so long.  

All in all, I'm a bit weary of the over the top, Universe threatening storylines but for right now Scott Snyder has my attention and I hope beyond hope that he continues to walk the line and doesn't go too far into overwritten territory because this story could quickly become trivial nonsense that doesn't mean anything past its initial concept, but for right now I'm hooked and thanks to awesome art, cool scenarios and some top notch dialog I can't wait for the next issue.

Bits and Pieces:

While I was initially afraid to read this issue because I wasn't fully on board with what we got for our first installment, this story quickly got me on the trolley with its ideas for what the DCU will look like going forward...or at least until we fix the Source Wall.  Either way, we get some awesome interactions and art throughout this issue and some really cool twists to the Universe you thought you knew.  Check it out.



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  2. This was a fantastic issue, my only real problem this issue is they should just call this book "The Legion Of Doom". Because it's the most interesting thing in this book. I'm finally getting a John Stewart I've wanted since N52 started. And all you had to do was get him away from the Corp. Give him the chance that Hals been given from the start of the N52. Art was great and who ever colors this really helps the art.

  3. Snyder struck a good balance of exposition and action. There’s quite a bit I’m enjoying from both the JL and LOD. Archangel Hawkgirl intrigues me more than her normal character, and I enjoyed the fact that the JL seems really integrated with the hero community at large. The story right now feels like a big deal and the pacing so far is much better than No Justice.