Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Green Lanterns #49 Review

Fight The Power

Written By: Aaron Gillespie
Art By: Roge Antonio, Hi-Fi, Dave Sharpe
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: June 20, 2018

Let's jump into this issue and find out why the hell Jessica Cruz went and lost her mind last issue, killing a bunch of alien cops, while protecting a criminal.  Yeah, this doesn't sound like the Jessica we all know and love, but hopefully, now that Simon Baz has come on the scene, he'll be able to get to the bottom of his partner's problems and help her get out of them.  Let's check it out.

While we do go and find out why Jessica would act the way she did in the previous issue, the explanation is pretty flat and because of that, it doesn't lead to a very interesting issue overall.  As for a character piece between Jessica and Simon, it works a bit better, but even that feels forced at the beginning, like Aaron Gillespie as a checklist of things he needs to put in each issue.  For this one, Simon mentions his being wanted for being a terrorist in the past and then he goes on to talk about Jessica's anxiety.  Once we get beyond that though, it's just nice to see Jessica's realization that Simon is truly her partner and is willing to do anything for her...even be in a boring "let's go place to place scenario, where we'll eventually prove your innocence, while not really finding out why you lost your memory or why the Guardians wanted you tracked down previous to your criminal involvement."  

It's a mixed bag this issue because while there are some interesting things going on in the background of this story, we really never deal with them beyond the basic concept and I don't know if we'll exactly get back to it because we have Dan Jurgens taking this title over next issue.  For all this issue's faults though, the interactions between Jessica and Simon at the beginning of the book and between Jessica and Hal at the end are the real high points to this issue but overall, there isn't much here besides for some really good art and some decent dialog between our heroes.

Bits and Pieces:

While I was all in on Jessica Cruz mystery set up in the previous issue, the revelation of that mystery here left me kind of wanting more because it really just turned the issue into a boring read that just seemed to end without really resolving all the issues at hand.  I loved the art in this but felt that the overall story was pretty weak, even though we had some decent character interactions within it.


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