Thursday, June 21, 2018

DC Comics Best Covers of the Week: September 20, 2018

Just Scraping By

Not a lot of great contenders this week, but of course I scraped something together. The cover in the number one spot, however, I picked way earlier in the week! Read on to find out which cover that is!

 Green Lanterns #49
Brandon Peterson
Hey Jessica you doin'?

 Aquaman #37
Stjepan Sejic
This is a great image that would be perfectly at home on the DVD cover to a Trolls sequel or as a dentist's advertisement. Stjepan Sejic doesn't always go this detailed, but when he does...well it looks like a goddamned photograph for cripes' sakes. I'd like to see this embossed, so all the teeth look extra gnarly.

 Batman #49 variant
Oliver Copiel
Well, this is haunting. The newer layout for variant covers really gives this a timeless, spatially-alone feel. Sort of reminds me of Bernie Wrightson, which is meant to honor the great work of Copiel.

Batwoman #16 variant
Michael Cho 
You know I love this terrific image evoking a Golden Age style! It seems to be using five flat colors, though I suspect it was printed in four-color process anyway. The composition is what sends this into the stratosphere, though, it looks like something taken right from pulp fiction magazines of the 1940s.

Harley Quinn #44
Bilquis Evely
Well, this is pretty goddamned terrific. Frankly, it doesn't evoke Harley Quinn (beyond the series title), and therefore could be considered a "bad" cover...but look at the image! Look at the knowing wink and shush of Harley! Look at all the individually-drawn skulls framing the more richly-colored central character! If DC Comics is done with this, I'd like to license the image for my yet-to-be-recorded or -conceived heavy metal album.

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  1. You have the wrong Aquaman 37 cover. Middleton's is SO much better.