Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man #305 Review - Marvel Monday

Writer: Chip Zdarsky
Artist: Adam Kubert
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 13, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99
Review by: Dispatchdcu (read all of his awesome reviews)

Let’s recap. Peter, his sister Teresa ( yup he has a sister if you’re just tuning in now), and J. Jonah Jameson go back in time to stop the Vedomi from invading New York City. Why did they go back in time? Well, the Tinkerer was the one who kind of brought the Vedomi here from something he did long ago. Anyway, they go back in time and have a blast. 

“Future” Pete works with “new Kid Spider-Man” Pete and they put a stop to tons of his bad guys stopping the Tinkerer, Otto, and even Norman Osborn. “Future” Pete thought things went great but “new Kid Spider-Man” Pete didn’t. He retired from being Spider-Man and altered history. Sure, the Vedomi never came but Spider-Man never really happened, Osborn took over the world for the most part, they only had a few Superheroes left, and now they were stuck in an altered timeline. 

So in this issue, they get help from the resistance, which is made up of Cap, Doc Strange, and Ironheart. Spider-Man sells them on the idea that this wasn’t supposed to be the future and explains to them that he basically ruined it. They believe him and decide to help him get back to his unaltered timeline and fix their time in the process. The problem is with no more Tony Stark they have to break Doom out of prison. He’s the only one alive who knows how to use the time travel technology. 

The resistance and the future (our) Spidey crew break Doom out of prison and Doom agrees to fix the tech and send this altered Spidey crew back to their timeline by following their chronological signature to where they originally made the jump to put everything back to normal. Confused yet? However, I think it was implied with “this version” of time travel that once you travel back in time you create an alternate timeline. And every time you jump backward in time you continue to make new timelines from the new timelines. It’s like making a clone of yourself. It will be you but different. But then making a clone of your clone of yourself after that. 

So, altered timeline Osborn brings his altered goons consisting of Kraven, Otto, the Vulture, and some more of Spidey’s Rogues to fight our Spidey and the resistance. Norman wants the time travel technology for himself. Well, the young Spidey (the one who stopped being Spider-Man) basically has his “coming to Jesus” moment and puts on this sweet new Spider-Man outfit with brand new red webbing and joins the fight with his wife Gwen Stacey. 

During the fight, Cap dies ( I think.. Doc Strange talked about a small piece of his spark still being there.. I don’t know) and our Spider-Man wants to stay to help the resistance fight, Osborn. He feels like it’s his fault all of this happened. The rest of the resistance, as well as the altered Spider-Man, disagrees. They tell our Spider-Man that it’s not his fault. This happened because their Spidey sat on the sidelines and let Norman take over. Teresa grabs Spidey and Jonah to get them to go back to their time leaving us to believe they left and the altered Spider-Man is back and leading the resistance. 

I have really been enjoying this story arc as well as the one before it. These past two or so story arcs gave us a tribute to the original Spidey with all the throwback art while giving us a cool twist to the overall story. I also love how the story messes with time but not our time. Our Spidey will remain unchanged when this is done BUT a new altered timeline Spidey was created that we could technically visit whenever we want. I also loved this new Spidey. His webbing and outfit were great. He’s a mix between the rich CEO Parker Industries Otto Spidey but without being Otto. 

I’m excited to see where the end of this story goes. Did they truly get what they needed to stop the Vedomi? Was this trip even worth it? I think this could go in so many different directions and I really don’t know which way this could go. Heck, maybe that Norman finds a way into our timeline and follows their chronological signatures? Who knows? If I was to guess, that’s what I think. We spent so much time building up these characters that I feel both the altered Osborn and altered Spidey will be making an appearance in our timeline at some point. And honestly, the resistance can say what they want but this is totally our Spider-Man’s fault. If he never went back in time this would have never happened. Everyone knows, never get involved in a land war in Asia, but only slightly less well-known is this: Never go in against a Sicilian when DEATH is on the line. AND MOST IMPORTANT OF ALL, don’t EVER mess with time travel! 

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Bits and Pieces:

I would say you should pick this issue up but you’d probably be jumping in at a spot that makes no sense. To be honest, you’d have to jump in about 6 to 8 issues ago to really make sense of the entire thing. If you have the time, I would because it’s a great story. If not, I would wait and buy the trades. The storytelling is great as well as the art. Truly a spectacular job by this creative team. 


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