Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Domino #3 Review - Marvel Monday

Topaz Tips the Tiles Towards a Tumultuous Tomorrow

Writer: Gail Simone
Artist: David Baldeon
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Release Date: June 13, 2018

Cover Price: $3.99

Lady Luck has not been shining on the luckiest lady as of late. With her teammates blown up in a boat explosion the last issue, I'm very interested to see how the Domino's fall this issue. 

We open to Domino fading into unconsciousness from the blowback of the explosion that took her team’s lives. This triggers a deep memory from her childhood very reminiscent of X-23’s. 

At Halcyon Electives these two slime ball doctors who has been experimenting with a ten year old Domino greet her with a peace offering. They give her Cake trying to convince her to show them her powers in action. 
Domino is more interested in finding out where the twelve other kids in this facility are, so she refuses, saying her powers went away. One slime ball threatens her with a taser even applying it to her with no effect. With that bribes failure, they resort to plan B. They also brought a cat for her to have. They leave it behind to allow for the pair to bond. It is really obvious that they plan to use this cat against her later on.

Back in the land of the conscious Domino gets up to kick ass and get revenge for her fallen comrades. Topaz is a real bad ass and takes pretty much whatever Domino throws at her. We find out these two are linked some how, and it all leads back to that place where Domino was held captive as a child. 

Whatever Domino did to piss this woman off years ago is enough for Topaz to want to see Domino suffer. Instead of killing Domino when she has a chance Topaz leaves her threating everyone she knows and loves on her way out the door, leaving Domino on the floor sobbing for the loss of her friends.

Lucky for Domino, Cho saved everyone from the explosion. He explains how he did it and later he explains that Diamondback might be the mole. With all that weighing on her min,d Domino takes a trip to Hong Kong, alone, to learn from a Master in the martial arts hoping that will be enough to defeat the dreaded Topaz. But will she be able to get much studying done with a super sexy Shang wang hanging in her face?

Bits and Pieces:

Gail has been weaving a pretty interesting story for Domino so far. She has been delving into her past which I know nothing about and I look forward to learning more. She has given her some colorful and interesting friends to play off of and a mystery surrounding them. She has also interwoven some pretty good action and humor. The art and coloring is just gorgeous. My only problem is how similar Domino’s story is to X-23 but that still has time to change or go in a different direction.


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