Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Lex Luthor/Porky Pig Special #1 Review

What a Pig!

Writer: Mark Russell 
Art Work: Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy, and Andrew Dalhouse 
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: August 29, 2018

Backup Story:
Writer: Jim Fanning
Art Work: John Loter, Paul Lopez, and Wes Abbott

Review by: Tony Walton

Facing financial and personal ruin, a desperate Porky Pig applies for and gets and entry-level position with LexCorp. Grateful to his new benefactor, Porky becomes Luthor’s most loyal employee and defender. But when a major scandal breaks in the news and Lex is called before a Congressional Committee, guess who is about to be offered up as the sacrificial pig?

In the first story, if you thought an adult-sized Porky the Pig would be creepy to see, the answer would be yes. Thankfully after a couple of pages, we get used to seeing adult creepy Porky the Pig. We open up with Porky’s life going from lobster dinner to sleeping in crappy motel rooms after he had to leave his company because he doesn’t have the heart to fire an employee. Fortunately, at his new job as a waiter, he meets someone that will change his life, none other than the “trusty” Lex Luthor.

As Porky is now the new Director of Customer Relations for Lex’s new social media site, Lexema. His life couldn’t get any better with his employees loving him, Lex “loves” him, and he is a success. However, just when life looks bright, darkness is on the horizon. Every employee’s worse fears come true when someone has been stealing their sandwiches! With Porky trying to catch the thief, he has tried almost everything from putting an alarm in the refrigerator every time someone opened it (yeah because after a while that was not going to get annoying) to putting fake sandwiches in there with stain powder. Porky needs to find someone to blame or else everyone will quit, so what does he do exactly? He finds a scapegoat, someone who no one will miss. No other than the immigrant security guard, Hector.

While Lex isn’t having much joy in life with his new app, as he now knows what it means to be “trolled”. As he first gets publicly humiliated, by another user with a duck silhouette, wonder who that could be? But thankfully this new app lets Lex view the user’s profile as he now has their passwords, what could be illegal about that…

Meanwhile, we see a Congressional Hearing between the U.S. Senate and Dr. Shivana and Professor Ivo. Both men are making money off of Cancer-related pills. However, they both have found a legal loophole in which they sold their products to each other. Next up in the hearing is Lex himself, the public has found out that his social media lets him see all user’s passwords. A smart businessman always finds a way out of a situation. Luckily for Lex, he has s scape “pig” up his sleeve. We see Porky is now in jail and is writing his own book on his experience.
The second story we see Porky trying to sell Lex some office supplies, but Lex is more interest in inventions that will help take down Superman. Although this had a Jetson’s vibe with the big boss on a TV monitor, watching his employees and a talking secretary. During their presentation we see Superman fly by and Lex started to attack Superman with some flying robots. Porky is flustered and has no idea what to do. Luckily a paperclip goes in one of the machines and the robots have short-circuited and Superman flies Lex to Justice.
Bits and Pieces:

This issue has two stories in one, the first story was a bit too long and could have tightened up a bit to make it stronger. The second story was short and fun and really, the perfect length for crossovers like this.  Both stories had great artwork and were good enough to make me decide to pick up other stories from both writers.


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