Monday, August 27, 2018

Venom #5 Review - Marvel Monday

Look Spidey, I Can Fly!

Writer: Donny Cates
Art Team: Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, Frank Martin
Marvel Comics
Release Date: August 22, 2018
Cover Price: $3.99

Sup fellow Venomites, its safe to say Donny Cates has been providing quite the continuity altering journey for our symbiote wearing friend Eddy lately. I guess you could say meeting the god of the race of an alien host you're wearing can have quite the effect on someone(s). Knull is quite the threat to deal with so lets get right into how Venom and Eddy are prepping for their next meeting with the symbitote god.

 Things start fast with Miles and Venom plunging to Earth having just escaped the giant symbiote dragon, Grendel, they were being dragged to space inside.  Thankfully Venom's little chat with Knull, although interrupted by Miles, was able to grant him a few new surprises that show themselves just in time before death greets our two heroes, with Venom sprouting wings and taking flight.  Although the new connection to the hive has given Venom a boost it also allows Knull to know where he is at all times, so Venom drops Miles off, heading for more answers.

This is where our buddy Rex pops back into the picture and we get another huge surprise ... if your reading a Donny Cates book you should just begin to start expecting things will get nuts in a hurry I've learned. Turns out Rex here is the reason for Venom hulking out, that he's actually a symbiote entirely himself that took over Rex, and the missing piece to the Grendel Knull so desperately wants. The surprises aren't done yet folks, now with Venom's new connection to the hive, he can absorb Rex and become one as they begin to get ready for battle with the threat they sense will come back for them.

That about all of note that happens this issue, with the tie-ins now starting to pop-in and fill some of the missing blanks from the past we're still not entirely privy too. If you have a deep interest in how the symbiote was involved in Vietnam back in the day they may be for you, but in my opinion they don't feel overly integral to the story, it should'nt impact your enjoyment moving forward in this series. If you're weary of the extra investment you should be safe just continuing this book.

Overall, Venom continues to be my favorite, consistently enjoyable, title of the Fresh Start relaunch.  Donny Cates take no prisoners approach works well for me. He doesn't hold back in any issue he touches, and while I was weary of where that would take Venom at first, I'm enjoying the developments and reveals in this series each month.  Venom has been a cant miss book and remains so this month. I wish some other writers who are such fans of slowing down a series in the middle issues would take note that its not always necessary.

The art by Ryan Stegman, JP Mayer, and Frank Martin is incredible again and Im not sure how they keep churning out such high quality stuff so consistenly without missing deadlines or getting a backup to help out but keep it coming fellas.

Bits and Pieces:

Venom remains the cant miss series out of the Marvel Fresh Start relaunch and one of the most high quality books either of the big two comic companies are churning out on a monthly basis.  The layers to the character Venom continue to get pealed back in this issue, keeping this series as enjoyable as it's ever been. Ryan Stegman and company continue to make this book a must buy with nothing less than incredible art too.


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