Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Retro Review: Star Spangled Comics #82 (1948) - "The Boy Who Hated Robin"

Slum Kids

Written by: Unknown
Art by: Jim Mooney
Cover Price: July 1948

I am continuing my retro reviews featuring Dick Grayson with one of his solo adventures from Star Spangled Comics.  This issue shows off Dick's greatest superpower...being a good guy. It's also a classic example of a comic trying to teach a lesson which makes it pretty darn hilarious.  Let's jump in...

The issue opens with Robin feeling bad for the "Slum Kids" in town. Seriously?  Slum Kids?!? They look like they are having fun doing typical Slum Kid stuff...playing in the street, cooling off with some hydrant water, shooting pool, smoking cigars...normal, red-blooded Slum Kid things!  That is not okay in Robin 's book so he gives a speech, collects money and takes those Slum Kids to camp!  But what to call the camp?  Camp Robin, of course!

Look at those Slum Kids go!

Robin isn't just the money man, though, and shows up to be a counselor as well.  The problem is, not everyone likes him, especially Petey Downs who just happens to be hanging out with boxing gloves on. 

Luckily, he packed his boxing gloves!

Petey is a sore loser and an even worse winner and cheats his way into knocking Robin out cold.  Luckily for him, however, Robin does not have to go through the concussion protocol and is there the next day to save him when he falls out of his canoe.  Slum Kids can't swim it seems.   We find out why Petey hates Robin (and Batman), but there is no doubt he is 100% wrong and we find out how wrong.

You're Welcome!

You see, Petey admires a local hood named Duke Lowry that Robin helped arrest and we continue by seeing Petey agreeing to help Duke and his pal escape prison and hide in the camp.  However, a  couple things happen...Petey sees that Robin is a good guy and  Duke is not.  The issue ends with Robin and Petey teaming up to take down Duke and save the camp.  Of course, they also become best friends as well.

Dear Bruce, Camp is going great...

This is not the most important issue ever written, but I still enjoyed reading it.  Sure, there are some ridiculous bits and everything happens at a breakneck speed, sometimes with little to no setup, but it shows  Dick being a great guy and I always love that. I wish I could stay at Camp Robin and would even claim to be a Slum Kid to get the chance.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a good issue that shows Dick Grayson just being a nice guy. There are still some bad guys to take down, but in the end, being a good guy saves the day.  We don't get that enough nowadays.


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  1. Not really Silver Age yet, but Silver Age style. These comics are deliciously silly and I love them. Thanks for the recap/review.