Friday, August 31, 2018

Top 5 Fridays: Top Five Just Imagine Stan Lee Comic Book Issues

It's Friday again and it's time for another Top 5 list.  This week features a pretty neat little experiment...Stan Lee's Just Imagine books.  Like the Amalgam books last week, this was a cool thing where Stan Lee partnered up with some of the industries best artists and reimagined the origins of some of the biggest DC heroes, putting them all in an ongoing story throughout each book.  There may have only been twelve, but here are the best five...

(Look for reviews of most of the Just Imagine books on the site for a more detailed look at each.)

5. Aquaman

Stan Lee takes the concept of an Aqua-Man to heart when a marine biologist, Ramon Raymond, injects himself with Dolphin DNA and becomes a hero of living water.  It all looks great thanks to Scott McDaniel's art, but someone needs to get ahold of stan and explain genetics to him.  It doesn't work this way, Stan!  We will see it again with the Flash below.

4. Wonder Woman

Keeping Wonder Woman's mythological roots, but switching them from Greek to Incan was a great idea.  Yea, this issue was super violent, but it also was the one that I could see becoming a monthly with no changes needed.  We even end with the feeling that Maria Mendoza has just begun her journey and if Jim Lee would continue it on art, DC couldn't take my money quick enough!

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3. Crisis

This one wins for the biggest and most important as it wraps up the overall story and gives us one last peek at our Just Imagine heroes.  John Cassaday's art is great and having the big bad named Crisis is a nice bit of ribbing at DC.  Things get a little crazy by the end, but it all feels like a big event and that's what it's all about.

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2. Catwoman

Supermodel turned crimefighter, Joanie Jordan, takes us through an awesome looking book drawn by Chris Bachalo.  Of all the origins, this one felt the most right and would fit right into the regular continuity...well, maybe the green lightning would feel off a bit.  The other thing this book has going for it is the crazy villain Furgo who looks so awesome in his space suit!  I'd love to see an update to this one.

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1. Flash

Stan and Kevin Maguire team up to give us Mary Maxwell, who after watching her father get killed, vows revenge on STEALTH as Flash.  She gets he powers from Hummingbird DNA (here we go!), but it's Mary that is the best part of it all.  She is a great character and I would love to see more (she was in recent Flash #52) of her in the future.

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