Thursday, September 12, 2013

Action Comics #23.2 Zod Review

Kneel Before Greg Pak

General Zod seems to be everywhere all of a sudden.  He was the Villain in the Man of Steel and a downloadable character in Injustice: Gods Among Us.  Now we get his New 52 origin story in Action Comics #23.2.  I was skeptical at the necessity of the issue, but after reading it I must say it is my favorite Villains Month book so far.

Greg Pak has done a great job here not reinventing Zod's origin story, but filling in details around what we already know.  Yes, we get the classics...Phantom Zone and the disagreement with the Science Council and specifically Jor-El. What we also get is a peek at Zod's childhood and his rise to become a General.  Zod is a true force of nature and when Pak shows why, it is brilliantly believable.  This is a man who after being stranded for a year in a brutal wilderness makes fun of his rescuers.  Great stuff.

Ken Lashley's art is equally impressive.  Everything  is nicely detailed and epic without being too cartoony.  It just looks great.

Zod is a monster.  He says it himself.  He actually revels in it.  With Action Comics #23.2 Greg Pak shows what a writing monster he is.  He keeps the classic Zod story mostly in place and fills in new details that make Zod an even better villain than before.  This is by far my favorite Villains Month issue so far and maybe my favorite Action Comics title in the New 52.  Kneel before Pak!


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