Thursday, September 12, 2013

Green Lantern #23.2 Review and *SPOILERS*

Blah Blah Mongul, Blah Blah War World, Blah Blah Natural Selection

Well I've been really excited for this issue of Villain's Month, and I just need to get this out of the way.  War World bitches!  Back to the review.  We start out with War World being surrounded by a armada of Oblivoron Federation ships.  The head of the fleet Admiral Pyri commands the trespasser to surrender, and prepare to be boarded.  Before anything more can be done, the Admiral is transported from his ship into War World.

The rest of the issue is Mongul telling the Admiral his theory on leadership.  They go throughout War World, as Mongul tells him his autobiography.  Yeah turns out that what started Mongul on his path was watching a more powerful animal kill a weak one.  This gave him the idea to murder his younger brother.  Then eventually his entire world.  

Mongul continues demeaning the Admiral for not being a strong enough leader, and to really send the message home.  Mongul destroys all the military cruisers surrounding War World.  Then he destroys Oblivoron's moon, and sends part of it hurdling into the planet.  All this was done because when the Admiral hailed Mongul, he demanded that he surrender.  This was all to prove a point about biting off more than you can chew.  Dick move.  In the end Mongul kills the Admiral, and sets his sights on the Green Lantern Corps.  There he might be able to get a decent fight.

This was a very interesting issue.  I'm a big fan of Mongul, but I didn't sign on for Mongul to talk the entire issue about his thoughts and beliefs.  It just went on, and on, and I know we need to get reintroduced to the character, but I was just bored to tears.  But on a plus note, the book looked great Howard Porter did an excellent job, and I am really happy to get Mongul back in the mix.  So really not much to say, because unfortunately Mongul said it all.  He's probably still talking to himself.


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