Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Justice League of America #7.2 Review and *SPOILERS*

Oh not another ice pun!

Haven't ya wondered what happened to Killer Frost since the issues of Firestorm?  Well either the answer is yes, no, or When did Firestorm have his own series.  If the answer is the latter then I hate you.  Anyway We are given an actual origin story that is needed.  Woo!

Dr. Caitlin Snow went out to the arctic to head a outpost for STAR Labs.  Where the former head scientist mysteriously froze to death outside the outpost.  Dr. Snow meets everyone, and they seem friendly enough but I can't help but yell "It's a trap", when Dr. Snow turns her back, and the rest of the crew sneers at each other.  Caitlin is shown what the late Dr. Lincoln was working on, and what Dr. Snow will now be handling.  A Self-Sustaining Thermodynamic Ultraconductor Engine, or STU for short.

There is a real "John Carpenter's The Thing" vibe going on in this issue, and as the boredom of isolation sets in Dr. Snow decides to start tinkering on STU.  Using the late Dr. Lincoln's notes, and her own equations Dr. Snow gets the machine to work.  But to soon to celebrate, she is knocked unconscious.  Turns out her new friends at the outpost are working for H.I.V.E. and our being paid a large sum to make sure that STU never works.  Dr. Snow is now trapped inside the machine and the others turn it on, so that Dr. Snow has a mysterious death that won't raise suspicion at STAR Labs.  But Dr. Snow tries to short the STU out by pulling out the coolant hose.  The machine shuts down, and Killer Frost is born.

Now that the machine has transformed Dr. Snow into Killer Frost, she realizes that she needs to feed off of people's life force in order to feel warm, and complete.  So obviously with it was intended or not, Killer Frost takes her revenge on the people that tried to kill her.  By the time she gets back to her home in the states she has developed a suit to retain her heat, and found out that Firestorm's nuclear matrix could be a way to cure herself.  But every time she went against him, he found a way to defeat her.  In the end we are given a very sad, well ending.  With the Firestorm supposedly dead, all she feels is cold inside.

Who would of guessed that a Villain's Month issue featuring Killer Frost would actually be good?  Well not me for sure, but I'm happy I was wrong.  We get a new origin story for Killer Frost which was surprising good.  It's the first origin story issue so far that seems to have a point in telling it.  Except for a real fanboy, who really knows Killer Frost's origin?  The ending of the issue really just made you feel sad for a villain who like all the best villains is a victim. So unlike her appearance in the Injustice game, I'm happy that she could be a part of Villain's Month.  Wow, that still sounds weird.  Go check it out.


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