Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Teen Titans #23.1 Review and *SPOILERS*

Evil Is.... A Giant Space Heart

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away.  Is that taking it too far?  Well let's try again.  In a distant galaxy a band of aliens search out the universe for evil.  But they are surprised to find on a planet where they have purged all things evil, stand three beings.  They immediately transport these three evil beings to them.  Where they plan on feeding them to a insatiable giant heart.  Yup a giant evil eating space heart.  You heard it here folks.  They cast the three into the heart and are destroyed, with the exception of the leader.  The leader allowed these aliens to transport him here, because he needed the evil inside the heart to fuel himself.  The leader proclaims himself Trigon, and destroys the aliens.  He then plans on entering other universes, but is blocked by the barriers.  His power does however allow him to pluck women from other universes and have them bare his seed back where they came from.

The whole anti-christ thing goes on where Trigon would spread his seed throughout the galaxies, and in the end he found that none but three of his sons had survived, and he knew them to be weak.  Going on with the spreading of the seed, killing, destroying of worlds, until one world where Trigon met his match in a warrior named Alazandria, who possessed special armor that was handed down to her.  After Alazandria exiles Trigon from her world we find out that the warrior died thirty years later, and that the armor continued to be passed on, and on.

Later Trigon would have the a woman brought to him from Earth.  A woman that worshiped and feared him.  This woman would become the mother of Trigon's only daughter Raven.  In the end we are shown Raven's mother Arella pleading to anyone who will hear her for help.  She says that Trigon is coming to Earth, and he will kill all the men, and mate with all the women.  And After he destroys this universe he'll move on the next.  She needs someone to kill her daughter's father.

Well that was Trigon's origin.  Huh.  Who would of thought a giant space heart would be part of this story?  As weird as it was, it wasn't bad.  Seems like we'll have a big bad for the Teen Titans to go after, you know after all the other big bads in Forever Evil.  So if you're into stories about raping, and spreading your seed across the cosmos then this is for you.  Oh and if you enjoy the Teen Titans as well.  Not the best, but definitely not the worst.  Check it out.


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