Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Detective Comics #23.2 Review and *SPOILERS*

This Issue is Crazy!

Oh Harley, don't tell me your getting an origin story too!  But that's what we get.  It all starts with a look back on Harleen Quinzel.  We see that all of Harleen's life she was forced into study, forced by herself to escape the insanity of her home life as a child.  Sweet Harleen was the first in her family to go to college, and of course to get the rest of her degrees.  When she finally got her doctorate she chose to work at the best hospital in Gotham.  But it wasn't enough of a challenge sweet young Dr. Quinzel saw herself as a dynamo in the world of mental health.  So where best would her genius be utilized?  That's right Arkham Asylum. 

Now neck deep in crazy, Dr. Quinzel found that there were to many barriers, both physical and mental between her and her patience.  So she decides to submerge herself.  She dyed her hair and came to work in an inmate clothing, and decided to let all the order and control she let run her life go completely.  It was only then that the Joker let her into his little world, and kissed her.  Later while being reprimanded by the higher ups for her clear reckless nature in doctoring, Harleen finally snaps completely and Harley kills her way, and the Joker's way out of Arkham.  But after being chucked into a vat of chemicals, Harley realizes that the Joker really doesn't care about her, but it didn't matter.  The thrill of throwing all order out of her life was enough.  Now we're given a bunch of pages of Harley assembling her new wardrobe.  Read those pages to "Girls just wanna have fun", I dare you not to smile.  

In the end we're transported back to present time, where the Suicide Squad has been disbanded, and she has already ditched the Crime Syndicate's orientation meeting.  Now back in Gotham, Harley impersonates a police officer, and goes to a mall.  There she hands out Nintendo Ds's to all the good little boys and girls.  Harley then drives back to the police station with a shit load of dynamite and blows the place to hell.  But she didn't feel satisfied.  She thinks that she is numb inside, but she also gets angry because she hates the Harleen side of her diagnosing her.  Then we get Harley standing on top of a building looking out onto the city.  She tells the man that made the Ds's to send out the new update.  We see a bunch of children watching the download bar on their screens, and when they hit 100%  BOOM!  Harley looks on as explosions tear out throughout the city.  Beside her Deadshot tells her that they are mindless bullets, and that they need a target, and that maybe they need the Suicide Squad.

Crazy Harley blowing of childrens.  Yup we got that here.  But as much as I'm wanting Harley getting her own title in November, this just leaves me wanting.  Being another Matt Kindt joint, I understand that he wants to put these characters back together for the start of his Suicide Squad run, but this just seemed like the perfect opportunity to set something up.  I guess I was wrong.  For this issue's mini origin story theme that Villain's Month seems to be fond of, well come on!  She's Harley "Crazy" Quinn because she was to good at being a doctor, and her parents were assholes?  BAH!  Not a fan of this issue as you might be able to tell.  A useless story, and the artwork by Neil Googe was under whelming.  All I'm saying is for a weak story like this we better get something incredible for Suicide Squad next month to make up for it.


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