Sunday, September 8, 2013

Adventures of Superman #19 Review

There Goes My Hero

I haven't read Adventures of Superman I awhile, but hearing David Lapham was doing a two part story convinced me to pick up issue #19.  The story ended up being darker than I expected, but one I'm glad I decided to read.

Superman is a hero.  Some may even consider him a god among men.  Adventures of Superman #19 examines how hero worship can get out of hand and how everyone involved is effected.

The issue opens with Superman fighting Metallo while a young man in a Superman shirt stands on a ledge above.  As Superman wins the battle, the man contemplates what Superman means to humanity and how he could be even more than even he realizes.  He steps off the ledge and Superman saves him.  What appears to be a suicide attempt is actually something darker than even Superman realizes.

The story unfolds in a way that the reader is as surprised as Superman.  David Lapham does a good job in making what seemed like a simple story at the start end with a twist that makes you think and look forward to the next issue. 

Lapham also does art on Adventures of Superman #19.  The art is good if not a little too cartoony for the subject matter.  The issue though relies more on the story than the art so I can't fault it too much.

Adventures of Superman #19 examines the darker side of hero worship and religion...pretty heady stuff for a Superman comic.  David Lapham's  tale was a surprise to me, but one that makes me look forward to the conclusion in next weeks issue.


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