Thursday, September 12, 2013

Justice League #23.2 Lobo Review

I'm Kinda on Team Lobo

There was an outcry when the new look Lobo was revealed.  Fans of the character wanted to know why the Main Man was turned into an Edward Cullen wannabe.  Justice League #23.2 shows that even without the chains and leather, Lobo is still  the old bastich deep down inside.

Justice League #23.2 is not the type of origin story we usually get.  Lobo has been seen in the New 52...or has he?  The new Lobo is busy being the Universe's best bounty hunter.  In fact, you could call him an intergalactic head hunter.  Trust me, when you read the issue you will know what I mean.  He does whatever job pays and his methods are all a means to an end.  It doesn't pay to have a conscience or a bleeding heart.  It does pay to do the job and have a bleeding corpse and that is Lobo's modus operendi. The payoff he is after is information.  Information on a bounty hunter from Earth who goes by the name of Lobo.  Yes, the Lobo we've seen is an impostor and the new Lobo wants him dead.

Marguerite Bennett does a descent job with the material she's given.  The story seems too much like a gimmick for my tastes.  It's also a pretty incomplete issue.  We get more questions than answers and what I was hoping would be a nice one-shot is actually a lead-in.  But, a lead-in to what?  Maybe fans of Lobo can hope for a future backup to continue the story.

I did like the art of Ben Oliver and Cliff Richards.  The redesigned Lobo didn't look as bad as the preview images promised.  The whole intergalactic setting looked and felt pretty cool as well.

Lobo may call himself the Main Man,but he isn't mine. Marguerite Bennett has piqued my interest slightly, but this issue was just too thin on answers to recommend.  If the story continues in a regular monthly or as a backup I may be more interested.  As it stands here, all but the most die hard fans can pass and not miss much at all.


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