Monday, September 9, 2013

Adventures of Superman #20 Review

...Watch Him as He Goes

Not everything is as it seems in Adventures of Superman #20.  Unfortunately for the members of the Church of Superman, the whole religion is a scam put on by a couple in need of some fast cash.  Unfortunately for Superman, hundreds of people are going to leap from buildings around Metropolis so that Superman can prove he is their savior.

Superman and the Metropolis police try to warn the crazed followers, but to no avail.  These people will not stop their plan and travel to the roof tops.  As they prepare to jump, Superman uses his own ruse to show the people that he may be a hero, but even heroes can fail.  It is a great moment and one fitting of the Man of Steel.

David Lapham again explores the dangers of hero worship and religion using a unique Superman story.  While people look to Superman as their savior, he realizes he can't be everything to everyone.    The Adventures of Superman #20 is a great story and conclusion to David Lapham's arc.  Superman is a hero, but even he can't save everyone...or can he?


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