Friday, August 8, 2014

Action Comics #34 Review

Written by: Greg Pak
Art by: Aaron Kuder and Scott Kolins
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 8, 2014

ACTION comic

Before we start, have you already read Action Comics Annual and Superman/Wonder Woman Annual also out this week?  You should. Mainly because they are Doomed issues that lead into this one, but also because they are damn good books.  In fact, this is a banner week for Doomed fans with three damn good issues hitting the shelves.  Yes, that's a bit of a spoiler for this review, but get used to it. It's becoming harder and harder to review these issues completely spoiler free, but I'll do my best.  If you don't want to read the ramblings of a crazy old man, just glance at the score below and buy this issue now.  If you've been following the Doomed event, you will not be sorry. Like George Zimmer, I guarantee it.

Okay, Superman is "cured" and he's in a fighting mood.  If you've been reading, you are aware that Brainiac is the real threat of Doomed and he's approaching Earth.  Remember the mass comas in Smallville and Metropolis?  Brainiac is responsible (no shocker there) and now he's ready to assimilate the rest of the World...starting with Gotham.

The fun begins on page one.  If you ever wondered what it would look like to have almost every DC hero assimilated by Brianiac, pick up this issue.  It is awesome.  Of course, I said "almost every" and there are some major players left on the playing field, namely Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.  I'd be remiss if I didn't include one more hero who may be my new favorite, Lois Lane. She's fought off Brainiac's control and is mighty pissed off.

The rest of the book is wall-to-wall action.  Brainiac has been one step ahead of our heroes, but they are trying to even the score. There's explosions, hugs, ghost armies, crazy plans, Krypto, more explosions and a multi-tiered cliffhanger that has me begging for the next issue.

Greg Pak nailed it.  This issue not only is great on it's own, but does a great job tying in the two other issues out this week and the event as a whole.  I love how Soule and Pak have brought the whole DCU into the event.  It's always fun to see other characters jump into a book, but it's even better when it means something.

I loved Aaron Kuder's art in this issue. There are so many standout panels this week including an awesome ghost army, Brainiac's gruesome Mothership and the best depiction of heat vision I've seen in a real long time.  Scott Kolins is also on art duties and the transition between the two is noticeable in a bad way.  Kuder is the star here and it's a shame he couldn't do the whole issue.

Just a little aside.  I love the intro recap that DC has been putting in the Doomed issues, but what's with these convoluted chapter designations?!  They are really driving me insane.  By the way, this issue is [Last Sun] chapter 1 which of course followed [Superdoom] chapter 4.  Oh DC, you so crazy.

Bits and Pieces:

Greg Pak and Aaron Kuder give readers of the Doomed event the third great issue of the week.  I was slow to jump on the Doomed wagon, but I'm fully in now.  I don't know if the writers can keep the momentum up, but if the cliffhanger is any indication, the fun is only just begun.  Highly Recommended.


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