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Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Heroes We Want To See In Earth 2

With this week's conclusion to "The Kryptonian" story arc in Earth 2, I figured I'd take the time to talk about some characters that should grace the pages of our favorite parallel Earth in the future.  *SPOILER* The awful Superman has finally been put down and the war with Apokolips has at least been put on a hiatus for the time being and I can't think of a better time to see some new Wonder blood join the roster of the pre-Justice Society of America.  Now I've said it a hundred times that Earth 2 is my favorite book in the New 52 and I really want this universe to grow and actually feel like Prime Earth does, at least with the individual lives of it's heroes.  Now I don't know if that can be accomplished with Worlds' Finest becoming a Earth 2 title, or with the weekly Earth 2: World's End coming out in October, or if it will take more solo titles from the world of Earth 2.  I just want this universe to grow and I hope all of you who haven't check out the book yet will get on top of that shit, because this is definitely where it's at.  It = Awesome, in case you didn't know.  So let's check out this week's Top 5 Fridays with Top 5 Heroes We Want To See In Earth 2.

#5.  Johnny Thunder

I'm sure he'd be revamped and all for the New 52, but why not have Johnny Thunder jumping into the Earth 2 mix with his genie Yz or something comparable that today's audience might find a little more.... modern?  I don't know just something that doesn't involve a thunderbolt genie, because while I'd love having Johnny Thunder in Earth 2, I just don't think that people today could really get behind that.  He'd probably get killed off quicker than Red Arrow did and I don't want to see that happen.  So Johnny is the seventh son of a seventh son, born at seven on Saturday July 7 and a whole lot more things dealing with seven, which just really means that he's predisposed to be the luckiest man on the planet.  After some cult leaders botch a ritual to steal his luck to take over the world, our hero Johnny is bounded with a genie from the 5th Dimension.  So pretty much a lucky dude who has a Mxyzptlk at his disposal.  Maybe we could just focus on the luck thing and Johnny Thunder could be re-imagined as DC's Longshot.

#4.  Wild Cat

Since I was talking about Red Arrow being killed off, I'd just like to say that that seemed like a waste.  Yeah it's cool to show the scope of a scenario by proving anyone can die, but I really wanted to see what the future might of held for the character.  So that's why I want to bring in another non-powered hero that we can throw into the mix and watch the character grow.  Maybe just show him decide that he should be doing something while all hell breaks loose with Superman and the Parademons and puts on a costume to do it.  BAM!  We have a new wonder in the world that will at some point meet up with the rest of the heroes that have had their asses handed to them by the forces of Darkseid during this story line and can share some of the weight of hero-ing during Earth 2's weekly title World's End.  If you want to add some powers to good old Ted then we can add that strange nine lives power he seems to have gotten to keep him vigorous in his old age in the old DC Universe.  Check this, just like Mercury bestowed his powers on Flash, we could have Pluto bestow the wealth of life on Ted Grant and get him into the Wonder game.  Yeah it's a little strange having two gods giving out powers, but they were all dying and maybe they just didn't want to go out being dicks.  All in all I would love to see Ted Grant sporting a cat head in Earth 2.
#3.  Starman

Now I'd love to see Starman and the Cosmic Staff show up in Earth 2 and with that I opted to pick Jack Knight, because he just looks so cool.  Whether you want to make him the original Starman of Earth 2 or keep him being the son of the original Starman, I don't care.  According to James Robinson's run of Earth 2, there are still one or two Wonders that fought the war against Darkseid that haven't been revealed and one of them could be Ted Knight and now that the forces of Apokolips are attacking again, his son could take on the rod.......... ha ha.  I just think if you introduce the attitude of Jack Knight to the Earth 2 roster, Alan Scott would finally have someone to meet his match in the snarky department.  Mostly I'm just a fan of world building and populating Earth 2 with heroes that are fun and look awesome is just money in DC's pocket when they decide that they want to add Earth 2 solo titles to their 52 lineup.  So give me Jack Knight!

#2.  Dr. Mid-Nite

My best friend growing up still gives me shit about my love for second and third tier heroes and Dr. Midnite is no exception.  I just like to think about the way comics were back in the Golden Age and what went through the creators minds when coming up with characters, like making a Doctor's name that could see in the dark Dr. Charles McNider....... GENIUS!  Now even though I really enjoy Dr. Mid-Nite and his sidekick "Hooty", this is one character that demands a re-imagining.  What?  Don't look at me, I'm not going to do all the work for DC, all I know is that a superhero doctor in Earth 2 wouldn't be a bad thing, especially after taking on a evil Superman.  Maybe we could just leave the seeing eye owl in a parallel Earth this time around.

#1.  Hourman

Oh Hourman.  Yes just like Dr. Mid-Nite, I love Hourman.  Rex Tyler just might be my favorite Golden Age superhero just for the simple fact that he can only be a hero a hour at a time.  It's one of those classic comic book tropes like Green Lantern loosing his ring, or Superman being exposed to Kryptonite, if Rex's Miraclo runs out with the job not done, he has to find the strength within himself to overcome.  With the CW developing an Hourman TV Show, (which even though I love the character, I still can't believe it's a real thing) this character has got to be getting pushed by the heads of DC to start getting some panel play for the New 52.  You might argue that it's redundant to have Hourman in Earth 2 when we already have the new Batman taking Miraclo, but just between you and me I doubt that Thomas Wayne (Batman) will survive too much longer.  I'm all for Hourman taking the place of a second rate Earth 2 Batman and with that all I have to say is, "DO IT DC!"

That's Top 5 Fridays for this week and make sure you're checking out Earth 2 every month because I really mean it when I say that it's the best title The New 52 is putting out.  If Earth 2 was a person I might seriously have to rub up against it and whisper lewd comments in it's ear.  That's right I'd have sex with Earth 2 and make sure I took a long time with the foreplay just so it knew how much I was into it.  Now you guys out there in interwebs land don't have to be a creep like me, but make sure you check it out or continue reading and don't forget about the Earth 2 weekly coming out in October.  As always if you disagree or think that there should be someone that should be on this list more than one of my picks, let me know and we can wrestle about it.  Yeah getting creepy again, so I'll see you in seven and I hope you have a wonderful week.

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