Wednesday, August 6, 2014

DC Comics Artists Love Their Cereal


It was announced by USA Today.... today that DC Comics artists teamed up with General Mills to recreate their monster brands of cereal for the Halloween season.  Jim Lee redesigned Boo Berry, Terry and Rachel Dodson went after Count Chocula and Dave Johnson recreated Franken-Berry.  

This news is a bit funny to me, because Jim and I have been talking about our favorite cereals for the past two days and with that I was even planning on doing a Top 5 Fridays dealing with the best depictions of DC Characters in cereal.  So now it seems a little too late, or maybe it's just the right time, I don't know it could go either way.  All I really know is that I can't wait for October, with all the creative changes and new titles coming out and now I'll be sure to pick up some redesigned cereals to spoon into my fat mouth.  

So if you want to check out the full interview that Jim Lee did with USA Today go and check it out, but it mostly has to do with Lee's love for Boo Berry, which is odd to me because it's the grossest of this trio of terrifying ways to start your day.


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