Saturday, August 9, 2014

Batman Beyond 2.0 #28 Review

Written by: Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel
Art by: Phil Hester and Craig Rousseau
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: August 9, 2014

State of Love and Trust

In my review for last week's Batman Beyond, I mentioned that this Mark of the Phantasm arc seemed bigger than the rest of the series. That's not an insult to what came before it, just a huge compliment to the now four issues Higgins and Siegel have given us.  This book should be required reading for anyone with even the tiniest interest in Batman Beyond or Batman the Animated Series.  I know "required reading" sounds like a chore, but this is far from it.  Trust me.  I hate chores.  I'm lazy.  I love Batman Beyond 2.0.  And Hamburgers, but enough about me.  Let's talk about this awesome issue of Batman Beyond 2.0.

It's going to be so hard not to spoil this issue.  I am horrible at keeping secrets and this is a real mother of a secret.  Seriously, it will blow your mind.  Also, the secret pretty much takes up the entire issue.  What I'm saying is this may end up being the shortest review of all time...but spoiler free.

The Mark of the Phantasm has been a story of Family and trust.  Higgins and Siegel guide us through some pivotal events to nail that point down.  First is the story of who killed Terry's Father, but more importantly if Batman knew all along.  Batman knows everything, right?  There lies the problem because Terry believes that as well.  He is really struggling with it and goes to Dick for help.

Dick has had problems with Batman in the past as well.  This issue sheds some light on it.  The buildup for this has been awesome. Through flashbacks we've been treated to scenes just after "Return of the Joker" dealing with poor Tim Drake's recovery.  It seemed like fan service at first, but it's so much more.  To show Terry how Batman thinks, Dick tells him a little story.  It's heartbreaking, jaw dropping and the secret I can't tell you.  If you are like me, you'll want to punch Batman in his chiseled jaw.  I don't think I've ever wanted to do that before.  Dick, on the other hand, needs a big hug and proved to me he's the greatest guy ever.  Moments like these are why he's my favorite Superhero.

The issue ends with a gut wrenching cliffhanger.  I usually say I can't wait until next week or I'm waiting with bated breath, but not this time.  I don't want to see what happens.  Maybe if I don't, it will all turn out good.  I see visions of a river in Egypt.

Higgins and Siegel are changing the rules of the entire Batman Animated Universe.  Those guys have huge brass balls. They have taken a controversial event and sprinted away with it.  They may still be running.  It's that big.

Phil Hester and Craig Rousseau share art duties again and continue to do a great job.  The trick is they split the art between present and past.  Hester does the present and keeps the art equal to the full run while Rousseau gives the flashback the appropriate cartoony Animated Series look.  Both fit the story and make everything feel just right.

Bits and Pieces:

If you are a fan of the Batman Beyond cartoon and/or Batman: The Animated Series you owe it to yourself to read this series.  Start from the beginning, but when you get to this Mark of the Phantasm arc you will be blown away.  Higgins and Siegel are taking chances and it's paying off in a big way.  I really can't find anything wrong with this issue at all.  Just get it and thank me later.



  1. Terry, Nissa/Batgirl, Tim Drake, and Dick Grayson are now the official Bat-characters that i like. This issue made me lose most if not all of my respect for Bruce Wayne as a character. It's not just the fact of what he did, but how he told Dick something that was not his secret to tell.

    1. I'm right with you. Dick has always been my favorite so it made it worse when Bruce did that.