Monday, August 4, 2014

Infinite Crisis: Fight for the Multiverse #12 Review

Written by: Dan Abnett
Art by: Tom Derenick
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: August 4, 2014

Just Like Starting Over

This is the spot where I usually begin my review by telling you guys what happened last issue, but that's pretty mute here.  Why? Because after 11 issues and two teams of heroes, we are beginning anew...again.  Don't get me wrong, that isn't a bad thing per se, except when we barely get to know each one.  The lack of character development has really killed my enjoyment of this title and it all starts again this week.  We say goodbye to Zatanna, Flash and Cyborg and say hello to Supergirl, Zod and...Zatanna?  Yep, this is the multiverse so things are bound to get crazy.

This issue takes place on Earth-13, otherwise known as Arcane Earth.  This might be promising since the most fleshed out character in the series so far has been Sir Harold, the Arcane Green Lantern.  Things actually do start out pretty good.  Supergirl and Zod are brash and arrogant versions of themselves, but Zatanna steals the show.  In a previous act of selflessness, she sacrificed her voice to save her World.  What's a word magician to do without a voice?  Get an owl familiar and a magic scythe.  Sounds pretty cool to me.

As Supergirl narrates, we learn that Harbinger has picked them to be allies and they are on their first adventure together.  The destination, Doomsday's tomb.  If you've been reading this series, it won't shock you when they find it empty.  However, another threat arrives on the scene and if they aren't careful we will get a new team next week.

Overall, I liked this issue.  I liked the group, especially Zatanna.  Her plight and the way Abnett presents her was unique and very cool. So far, the arcane characters have easily been the hit of the book.  I also liked seeing the Arcane Doomsday tie between this group and the one on Mecha Earth.  I hope we get a good explanation of how Doomsday escaped and a team-up.  It's taking a while, but maybe we can get things going from here on out.

I liked Tom Derenick's art this week.  His arcane character work really made them stand out in a good way.  Again, maybe I'm just drawn more to these arcane characters, but I really like the look of them.

Bits and Pieces:

It's weird to say that issue #12 is a good start, but I'll take it.  I've been waiting to like this series and this team may just do the trick.  I can't promise that the series will get better, but at least this is an issue I can recommend.


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