Monday, August 4, 2014

Just For The Hell Of It Mondays: DC's Super Powers Collection!

You guys know how this works by now, it's Just For The Hell Of It Mondays and I usually go into details about something in my life and talk about a video I took straight off of Youtube.  I don't consider it stealing since I always tell you about the creators and give a link if it's purely created by someone, so I live a relatively guilt free life.

Anyway for this week my specific detail about my life if it wasn't obvious already is, I'm a great big man-child.  I have no qualms about it, I just accept it and go on living a happy existence.  That being said one of the things I love the most are action figures and specifically DC action figures.  My love started at an age before I can remember because to my knowledge I had always had my collection of DC Super Powers figures.  Now I'm going to annoyingly state all the figures I remember having to give myself a memory test and see if I can completely alienate my audience.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Robin, Hawkman, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter, Shazam, Plastic Man, Doctor Fate, Lex Luthor, Joker, Penguin, Mantis, The Batmobile and The Supermobile.

Did I alienate all of you yet?  It's funny while I listing them I realized that besides for the main tier heroes the majority of the figures I had as a small child are still my favorite heroes today.  Maybe the Super Powers collection guided my interests all along and I don't really have an original opinion that wasn't subconsciously placed in my mind from when I was a child.  Yeah that's getting kind of deep, but really whether it's true or not I don't really care because I just enjoy the things I enjoy.  So enough bullshitting, let's look at some commercials from the DC Super Powers collection that helped forge the person I am today.

I love these commercials because they're presented almost as those "Choose Your Own Adventure" books I loved as a kid, but the one problem that I have with them is why the hell does Superman have to save everyone all the damn time?  We have the finest heroes in the universe and all of it comes down to whether a boy scout in red and blue long johns can save them.  What the hell is that?  Now I like Superman enough, but he's not the end all be all.  It's the same problem we see in DC movies, let's showcase Superman and Batman, but all the other great heroes that people might not know about get the shaft.  Okay that's enough bitching, I just wanted to throw some nostalgia in your face for the week and I hope you enjoyed it.  See you in seven.

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