Sunday, August 3, 2014

Sinestro #4 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Cullen Bunn
Art By: Rags Morales
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: July 30, 2014

Fear The Paling!

Last issue of Sinestro we saw the Corps boxing up all their possession to get ready for the big move to their new HQ.  On top of all that, Sinestro has located some more Korugarians that he plans on saving and for the most part he succeeds.  By most part I mean, yeah he stopped his people from being sold into slavery and delivered a few face punches to their would be slavers, but before they could go and celebrate a job well done, they were met by the "The Paling", the cult that wants to purge the universe of all emotions.  Now we'll see if Sinestro, Soranik and a handful of Fear Lanterns can stand up against these emotionless extremists, or if they too will succumb to "The Paling".  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

The story begins with the showdown between Fear and....... and I guess nothing.  How do you classify non-emotion?  The first to feel the sting of "The Paling" is Romat-Ru, you know the Fear version of Tomar-Re.  The purging of emotion seems to be a battle within you mind, where you are subjected to whatever emotional spectrum you might be versed in.  It seems that Romat-Ru's fear is all the people of his world that he murdered coming out of the ground and seeking revenge.   However the purging of emotion actually works, when it does it leaves you a blank shell of your former self and as Pink Floyd would say, you're just another brick in the wall.

So Romat-Ru is down and Sinestro is still trying to figure out how to hurt these three zealots.  No matter what he throws at him using Fear, the power of yellow has no affect.  Dodging attacks can only go on so long and Sinestro is hit by their purging light.  Inside his mind Sinestro is subjected to his own insecurities and we see what he truly fears.  It seems that Hal Jordan being hailed the greatest of the Lanterns and the savior of Korugar is at the top of the list.  Not to mention Hal and Soranik having a relationship and ultimately Hal being the leader of the Sinestro Corps.  Yeah it seems the green eyed monster has taken a bite out of Sinestro when it comes to Hal Jordan.  But you can't keep a good bad guy down, because Sinestro uses all his mastering of Fear to break the purging process and now it's time to see what "The Paling" plans on doing now.  Oh that's right they'll kill him.  One bit of dialog I really like is that the emotionless cult realizes that Sinestro has subdued the purest form of fear.  As long as they're talking about it, I would really like to know what happened to Parallax, since it's one of the only emotional entities left in the universe and could really serve a purpose here.  I'm sure though that it won't be before we see that yellow monster rampaging back into the New 52 through Sinestro's title.

Okay before Sinestro gets his ass killed, Soranik unloads on the three cult members and like the Borg from Star Trek it seems that these people need to modulate their shields to deal with different emotional spectrums.  Sinestro's all like "Oh you can't do two at once?  Oh that too bad........ Ya dead."  So he kills the three members of the cult of uncaring and now it's time to check out their ship, but it's really not that much to look at.  Inside we see a ton of people that have succumbed to "The Paling" just going about the ship's maintenance as they were told and being the caring individual he is, Sinestro frees the people before he blows up the ship.  What kind of lives these freed folks will have now that they're hollowed out husks, I have no idea, but I'm sure some alien will be around to exploit some mindless labor in no time.

In the end Sinestro, Soranik and the handful of Fear Lanterns leave the planet with Romat-Ru's body in tow and Sinestro asks his daughter where she left the rescued Korugarians from last issue.  Well while they're safe it might not be the ideal place in Sinestro's mind, because we see Hal Jordan has them and he wants to talk to Sinestro.  
I'm sure next issue will be the buddy cop issue we've all been waiting for.  Yeah probably not, but who doesn't like Sinestro and Hal Jordan together?  Make sure you're here next month as we continue the emotional purging or see it stopped in it's tracks.

Bits and Pieces:

While many say that Red Lanterns is the sleeper hit of the Lantern titles, I have to throw my hat in for Sinestro.  This title amazes me every month and I love the anti-emotion antagonists, that just work so well in a world where using emotion destroys the universe.  While we don't have Eaglesham this month on art, it's not a big deal because Rags Morales is filling in and who doesn't love Rags?  So go check out this title and get on the trolley because fear is where it's at.


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