Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Batman #35 Review

Written by: Scott Snyder
Art by: Greg Capullo
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: October 8, 2014

They'll Laugh at You

Opinions of "Zero Year" seem to run the gamut of review scores.  Personally, while I enjoyed it, I thought it went on a bit too long and overly relied on past stories.  I enjoy Snyder and Capullo when they are doing their own thing, not trying to prove they are the biggest Batman fans in the room.  This arc looks really promising in that regard.  It also doesn't hurt that it's a game changer in every way possible to the point that I use that phrase after promising I never would again.

This issue is one of those that you really need to go into blind.  For their part, DC, Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo have kept everything under wraps and I want to do the same.  Please go and read this issue right now, before anyone (including me) ruins it for you.  Come back when you're done and we'll continue with this review.

Before we start, this issue takes place after the events of Batman: Eternal.  If you read the weekly, it will be obvious, but also a little strange at first.  There are characters who I'm glad to see in one piece, some I didn't expect to stick around and some new faces.  Then there is Bruce.  He's not looking in tip top shape after a little fighting, but his new HQ is pretty cool and him and a certain Butler seem to be enjoying each other's company and then all hell breaks loose.

If you thought that Snyder's Batman lay a bit too outside of the New 52, this issue is for you.  Snyder gets to write a huge part of the Universe that he had left untouched and better yet, Greg Capullo gets to draw it.  Bruce is Heavy Geared up and the first round is with Wonder Woman.  Awesome.  It's brutal and Wonder Woman is ruthless.  Snyder doesn't let slip why she is attacking Batman, but he doesn't have time to put those detective skills to the task.  It's fight or die time.  Of course, Batman brought his brains to the fight as well.

He then has to fight Flash and Aquaman and shows that he prepared for this battle.  That's what makes Batman so badass. Unfortunatley, his hopes that Superman won't arrive are dashed and while he pleads with the Man of Steel, he realizes who is behind the craziness all along.  Spoiler: It's the Joker! Like I said, Game Changer.

Greg Capullo is so good and getting to see more of his "daytime" art is such a treat.  He is a master of detail and always nails every aspect of Snyder's story.  The highlight this issue?  Mecha Batman being knocked through the Gotham Royal Theater.

James Tynion provides a creepy backup that explores more about what lead up to this huge event.  The story is engaging and Kelley Jones' art is so good.  I usually frown at backups, but this one is great and adds so much to this arc.

Bits and Pieces:

This is a story I can get behind.  The action is so great and is a fanboys dream come true.  How can you go wrong with Batman versus the Justice League?  I hope we get to see the other members duke it out, but I think the story will be shifting to the main villain next month.  It's a bit of a shame, but I wouldn't blame anyone and I can't wait to see it either.  



  1. How is the Joker able to possess Superman?

    1. I figure we will find out soon and I sure as hell hope it makes sense.