Sunday, October 5, 2014

Five Questions With...Brett Booth

Like Tag Team, we are back again with another Five Questions With...and this week it is a pleasure to have Brett Booth.  I could go on and on about how great Brett's art is, but if you read my reviews of any of his books, or have eyes, you already know it's stellar and that I love it.  In fact, I think I could read a grocery list illustrated by him and give it a 5.0/10.  Maybe a 6.0/10 if it was a really good grocery list.  What makes a really good grocery list?  Bacon.  Lots of Bacon.  There is actually a point to this lame attempt at humor.  Way back in February, I reviewed Superman #28 by Scott Lobdell and Brett.  I hated every word Lobdell wrote in that issue, but loved the art.  I gave the issue a 3.5/10 and Brett ripped me apart on Twitter.  If I loved the art so much, why didn't I give the issue a 5.0/10? We "talked" a bit and in the end, I'll admit that I really looked at the way I review comics.  So, while Brett probably doesn't remember this whole thing, I think about it each week while doing my reviews.  That sounds a bit creepy..."I think about you every Wednesday, Brett."  Oh well, I'm a creepy guy.  So, I hope you enjoy this and if you aren't already, check out Brett's art on The Flash which is awesome. Follow him on Twitter @Demonpuppy and go over to his website to see some awesome sketches, including Dinosaurs!

1. What are you working on now and/.or will be coming out soon?

Flash 37, December I think... Also a con banner, not sure when that will debut though.

2. There was a huge backlash concerning the new Wally West, how did it affect Robert Venditti, Van Jensen and yourself?

I hadn't really noticed... The White House petition was really funny though! 

3. Speaking of Backlash, any chance we'll see him (the Wildstorm character) any time soon?

He's on the con banner, so YES! in an actual comic... We shall see.

4. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate that segue.

2, far too low hanging;)

5. Do you know anybody who owns a segway?

No. Wouldn't mind one if it could go off road though! 

6. When they make "Brett Booth: the Movie" who will play you and what will the tagline be?

Henry Cavil, because screw it, it's Superman. Tag line:"FU€¥ Off!"

7. Where would mankind be if the Library at Alexandria wasn't destroyed?

I'd like to think we'd at least have a Mars colony, but who really knows, people are jerks and like to destroy the things that will help them, like science and learning... and the planet. Fricken humans... 

8. What's a better movie, My Science Project or Real Genius? Why?

Real Genius, for this line ".... Stop playing with yourself." Fricken love that movie! Think I'll pop in the DVD later!

9. Where do you fall on the controversial change from the Pleurocoelus to the Paluxysaurus Jonesi as the official Dinosaur of Texas?

I don't like either. Should be Acrocanthosaurus. Stupid plant eaters.

10. Who is faster, the Flash or Justin Gray with a plate of chicken wings?

Depends on who's drawing it;)

Thanks to Brett for taking the time to do our goofy interview and see you all next week.

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