Thursday, October 9, 2014

Worlds' Finest #27 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Paul Levitz
Art By: Jed Dougherty, Scott Hanna
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 8, 2014

Secret Origins?

As we continue this week's journey into Earth 2, we see that Worlds' Finest has now flipped the script and has now become a series focusing on stories about Earth 2's Batman and Superman prior to their deaths during the Apokolips invasion...... I guess we're around six years from when that happened now.  So say goodbye to Power Girl and Huntress and say hello....... Well for this issue say hello to Jor-El and Thomas Wayne as we see some Secret Origin type story telling going on here and find out what really happened to get our Earth 2 heroes down the road that would eventually make them legends.  Let's check it out and see if Worlds' Finest can actually become a title worth reading or if it will continue to be nonsense.  Luckily now though we won't have to wait for the inevitable panel where Power Girl has to get naked and we lose all faith in the people telling the stories of our favorite heroes.  Let's check it out.

Explain It!:

Our story begins and we find out that what we are about to see is only the history of what happened to Superman and Batman's parents as Red Tornado/Lois Lane knows the story and that she's documenting it in case Earth 2 is destroyed and maybe one day someone will find the data and know the story of the world's greatest superheroes.

We begin with Jor-El and Lara of Krypton and we discover the events which led to Krypton's destruction are completely different than we know the story.  It seems while Jor-El was trying to reinvigorate the sun to give it a longer life span, his experiment failed and actually destabilized it and caused the destruction of the planet and all it's people.  

With not a lot of time before the gravity well would pull Krytpon out of the sun's orbit, a Boom Tube opens and a agent of Apokolips named Intri comes and offers aid to Jor-El.  She claims that she can fix the problem and save all of Krypton, all she asks in return is for Lara and him to hand over their son.  Well apparently Kryptonians are really selfish and poor decision makers because they turn down her offer and she simply leaves telling them that Apokolips will have their son one way or another.  After their saving grace leaves and they are left with only doom in front of them, Lara suggests that they use Jor-El's experimental manned crafts he's been working on and they quickly load Kal-El, Val-Zod and Kara Zor-El in the crafts and blast them to safety as the planet explodes, but it looks like a fourth Kryptonian went for the ride as well.  So yeah, not exactly the story we remember hearing as children.

Next we take a look at Batman's parents and dive back into the story about Thomas Wayne trying to move away from his partying days with Frankie Falcone and make a life for his family without drugs and the overwhelming weight of doing favors for a mobster.  So Thomas has decided that he's completely done with Frankie Falcone and that Martha, Bruce and him will have a proper life, but Martha's concerned about all of their welfare, because as everyone knows you don't want to get on a mobster's bad side.  Thomas doesn't seem too concerned though, but the next day on his way to the hospital........... remember he's a doctor and all that, Frankie comes a calling and wants his old friend to go and have a cup of coffee with him.  Thomas eventually does and while they're talking Frankie tells him to leave behind his hospital ID card and to not report it missing for at least a day.  Well Thomas is furious because he believes that Frankie is trying to raid the pharmacy for drugs and this apparently enrages Frankie enough to stick a fork in his former friend's hand.  Friendship was weird in the 70's and man so were the clothes.  Who am I really to pass judgement?  I wear a headband all the time made from the bottom part of T-Shirts I don't wear anymore............ But I look good.  Anyway  the real reason Frankie wants the ID card is to go into the nursery wing of the hospital and apparently steal a newly born Alan Scott.  It seems that Alan's father is talking about cleaning up Gotham on his television station and Frankie wants to prove a point to him about keeping his mouth shut.  At this point I'm not entirely sure that Thomas wouldn't have gone along with the idea if Frankie would of just been a bit more.......... What's the word?  Something to do with not being an asshole.  Yeah old Frankie threatens to do something to Bruce if Thomas doesn't go along with it and Thomas proceeds to beat the ever loving hell out of Frankie.  

In the end Thomas Wayne goes to his lawyer and tells him to take a file on the Falcone family and if something happens to Bruce for his lawyer to get it to the proper authorities, well since nothing ever happened to Bruce, I'm guessing that the file is still sitting in a safe somewhere and it doesn't really matter now with Earth 2 being destroyed the way it is.  

So this is the new Worlds' Finest............ Yeah I'm not sure that I'm going to be digging this title even with it's new direction of not getting Power Girl naked.  But I'm not the kind of asshole to judge a book at a first attempt............ Well I'm not the kind of asshole to tell you if I'm judging something on it's first attempt.......... So yeah.  We'll see how this goes and if it in anyway lives up to the bad ass-ness that anything that's Earth 2 like should be.

Bits and Pieces:

While I applaud the attempt to try and change this title to something that doesn't involve writing women so that they only appear sex crazed and bumbling, I'm not completely sold on this take either.  Hopefully it will become something that fans can get behind and possibly save this title from the cancellation chopping block, but this issue so far doesn't inspire confidence.  I wasn't a fan of the art style which for some reason seemed to be fine at points and then turned characters into something resembling carnival caricatures of themselves.  I don't know I couldn't get behind it.  So check out the new take on this title simply because it is a new take and maybe it will become something special.


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