Saturday, October 11, 2014

Batman Beyond 2.0 #37 Review

Written by: Kyle Higgins and Alex Siegel
Art by: Thony Silas
Cover Price: $0.99
Release Date: October 11, 2014

Daddy Issues

Here it is, the last arc of Batman Beyond 2.0.  Just a month from now I'll be writing my last review of this current run by Kyle Higgins and that really sucks.  What doesn't suck is this issue.  Higgins, Siegel and Thony Silas (yes!) start this final arc in style by beating the hell out of Dick Grayson.  Man, poor Dick can't catch a break anywhere!  Oh yea, there's also Davis Dusk, Bruce Wayne and Terry being creepy in the Justice Lord's Timeline.

Higgins and Siegel have been setting up Davis Dusk for something big and while I held up hope that it was something good, it's not.  In order to get Bruce Wayne's attention, he gets all Forever Evil on Dick Grayson.  Yea, my favorite character is about to die...again.  But, and I mean BUT, he first shows Rewire that an old man with an eye patch can still kick major ass!  I almost can forgive Higgins for what ends up happening because of how it begins.  It seems that every guy in Gotham has daddy issues because the reason Davis is doing all this is to gain access to Bruce's portal to visit his "not really his" father.  Sounds like someone we know, huh?

Speaking of him, Terry is busy being creepy with T's father.  This is one thing in Higgins' run that has bothered me from the beginning. Of course, it is all the more powerful because I hate it.  Problem is, Terry's busy playing pretend while Dick is being beat to an inch of his life.  When he returns, Bruce is waiting to frown at him and destroy the portal.  Bruce Wayne does not negotiate with terrorists! While all this is going on, Dick is being awesome as usual and breaks free, but from where?

Higgins and Siegel do a pretty good job of taking loose threads from their run and bringing them together for this final arc.  They have worked overtime recently to make Davis Dusk a sympathetic character and have pushed the creepiness of Terry and his "Dad".  Now they are on a collison course with Dick's life in the balance.  I can't wait to see how Terry deals with Rewire when they really want (or need?) the same thing.

I love Thony Silas' art and am really going to miss him on this book.  I will say it again (and probably a couple more times), Silas gives this book the perfect animated show look.

Bits and Pieces:

This issue is the beginning of the end and it was pretty good.  Rewire is back and looking for the same creepy thing that Terry has been up to for a while now.  Of course this is a DC book, so Dick Grayson is near death and a pawn in the whole thing.  Thony Silas does his usual great job on art and I can't wait until next week.


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