Friday, October 10, 2014

Top 5 Fridays: Top 5 Villains I Want To See In The Flash TV Series

Well by now I hope all of you out there have watched The Flash Pilot and if you're anything like me you loved the hell out of it and can't wait to see more.  Hell I'm pissed that I actually have to wait week to week, because I'd really like to marathon the shit out of this series this weekend.  Well....... that's what I want to do with every television series I like.  Waiting sucks.  Anyway with the teaser at the end of the episode showing what's to come in season one and the Easter Egg of Gorilla Grodd escaping during the particle excelerator explosion.........  I guess I'm just villain of the week happy.  People give shows shit when they have a monster of the week format and not an overall story, but I guess I'm in the minority here because I love that shit.  So the characters I know I saw during the teaser, characters referenced and characters I'm waiting to go bad are Weather Wizard, Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Gorilla Grodd and Professor Zoom.  Now I'm sure there were more and I simply didn't catch them and I didn't read anything online about who's coming to the show, so for this week I'm getting lazy and just presenting my Top 5 list of villains I want to see in the show that I didn't mention already.  So let's get into this Top 5 Fridays and see what characters are on my mind.

#5.  The Trickster

Now I mostly want to see Trickster make his new millennium live action appearance because I remember watching Mark Hamill ham it up on camera as the character back in the early 90's and sitting there just being mortified that I was watching a modern day Batman '66.  It was really surreal even as a kid because you knew that the show was trying to be dark like Tim Burton's Batman, but then you have Trickster in his ridiculous costume laughing it up and acting goofy.  It's because of all these memories that I really want to see this character taken seriously.  I believe this show is trying to go for the whole realistic superhero thing and I'm interested to see how they'll actually pull off a serious real life-esque Trickster.  I don't know if it can be done, but I'll damn well watch to find out.  At the very least it would be cool to see him teamed up with the Pied Piper or try to become one of the Rogues.

#4.  Abra Kadabra

 SPOILER here if you haven't watched the Pilot episode yet.  As we all saw at the end of the episode, Dr. Wells stands up and looks at an image of a future newspaper headline, so obviously some sort of time travel has already been presented to us for this series, well that and the whole death of Nora Allen thing.  So we've got that and the rumors of a possible Booster Gold series to spinoff of this, so we've got time travel all over the place.  With that idea in mind, I want to have Abra Kadabra introduced as a time traveling magician, that like his comic origin comes back in time and uses future tech to wow audiences and make himself famous.  Of course he slips along the way and our Scarlet Speedster has to confront him and his future mock magic.  This might not be on anyone else's list, but I've always loved the idea of this villain simply using technology to fool people into believing he's a mage.  Hopefully with all the time travel talk in the show already we get some play from ole' Abra.

#3.  Shade

Shade is just a really cool villain that I feel gets left out in the cold a lot for some reason.  While I wasn't really familiar with the character growing up, I really fell for him when he was featured in the Justice League Unlimited cartoon and have been waiting for a triumphant return in the New 52, but if you want to go right to the DC TV Universe, I'd be okay with that too .  You like the Green Lantern?  Well imagine him in a cool black coat and top hat...........  Okay don't imagine that, but Shade can wield darkness the way that Hal can sling his ring.  We've got shields, constructs, teleportation and hell just overlapping everything in darkness.  How's Flash supposed to run when he can't see what's around him?  Pretty cool villain if you ask me and one hell of an episode that could be waiting in the wings if I get my way.  Like I said, I'm not the most familiar with him, but from what I saw of him in Justice League Unlimited, this character is someone to be feared and done properly could make a really cool recurring villain for the show.

#2.  Turtle Man

No not that Turtle Man you A&E lovers, the Turtle Man that I think is one of the most ridiculous Flash villains that ever crossed a paneled page.  The original Turtle Man used his ability to be really slow to his advantage..........  somehow.  I don't know I never got it, but what I'm talking about here is the redesigned Turtle Man that has the ability to siphon speed from people.  It's kind of like Captain Cold being the Master of Absolute Zero and being the counter to the heat and friction that the Flash creates threw his speed, only it's a dude in a turtle shell and not nearly as cool.  I'm not really proving any points here about why I want to see this character.  It's mostly because I dig the idea of siphoning Flash's speed from him and like bringing Trickster into the show, I just really want to see how they'd do it and make it look realistic and cool.  So probably just a heavyset dude that siphons speed and possibly has a turtle shell on his mantle at home.  Yeah that turtle shell costume would have to go.  Seriously though, I want to see this character.

#1.  Captain Boomerang

Okay the reason we get good old Digger in the #1 slot is because with the exception of Captain Cold, he's my favorite Rogue and I don't remember seeing any boomerangs flying about in the teaser for the series.  Just a bad ass Australian dude flicking Boomerangs around in a live action setting get's me all tingly in a weird way and it's because of a character like this that I love Flash villains.  In my mind with Flash's power set there shouldn't be any bad guys out there with the exception of someone like Professor Zoom, that could rightly go up against him.  I mean how does Digger even think he can stand a chance against someone like the Flash, just because he happens to be really accurate with a trick boomerang?  It doesn't make any sense, but he's still out there robbing banks and causing a ruckus and I think that's why I love these characters so much.  They shouldn't be this cool and yet they manage to pull shit off from time to time.  I just really need to see Flash dodging exploding boomerangs in live action and I think I would be able to die happy.  CW...... DC.......... Make it happen.

That's it for this list and if it's not what you wanted I apologize, this was merely a excuse for me to yell at the interwebs about characters I personally want to see in a live action setting.  Maybe next week it will be more informative and have a deeper subject matter, but knowing me I doubt it.  If you haven't watched the first episode of the Flash, then get off your ass, put it on and get back on your ass, because it's a good time and I'm shocked that you haven't couch potatoed the shit out of this Pilot yet.  So check it out and make sure to check out Arrow season 3 as well because this year might be the best time to be a DC fan.......... Except for maybe 2016 when Batman V. Superman comes out.  I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you in seven.  Boosh!

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