Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Batman: Eternal #27 Review

Written by: Tim Seeley
Art by: Javier Garron
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 8, 2014


I have such a weird relationship with this book.  I'll admit that I really don't look forward to it each week, but when I finally sit down to read and review it, I usually enjoy it.  Maybe it's just the sheer amount of Batman titles, but I really have problems getting excited for this book.  Here I am, the day before the next round of books comes out and I have to force myself to read and review this issue.  Guess what?  It's pretty good, but after reading it I still am indifferent to the series.

Tim Seeley is at the helm this week and I've enjoyed his issues for the most part.  This one gives us more of our friend, Killer Croc, who I think is a breakout character in the series so far.  He's tearing through people looking for Jade, the little girl from a few issues back. Unfortunately, she is being set up for a long life of misery.  Or at least a little cat hunting.

Meanwhile, Bard is leaving work and thinks Batman has finally come to confront him. Unfortunately for him, it's Batgirl and she is pissed.  Then we get the stars of the show, Batman and Catwoman.  They go so well together with Batman cracking skulls while Selina trash talks and steals.  It's a match made in Heaven (or a rooftop in Gotham) and I really enjoy the way these two play off each other.

Batman then runs into Eduardo Flamingo (literally) and unknowingly saves Spoiler.  She returns the favor by introducing Batman into the world of social media and a little thing called hashtags.  #Battracker in particular.  The issue ends with Mr. Bone paying Selina a visit.  believe me, he's not there for milk.

I didn't hate this issue, it just didn't push the story forward much.  I'm interested in how far Batgirl will go to get the truth from bard, but after a strong start with Batman, I don't really care about Selina.

I did care about Javier Garron's art since it was awesome.  I really enjoyed everything he did especially the detailed Killer Croc.

Bits and Pieces:

Batman: Eternal #27 is an okay issue with great art.  The overall story kind of stalled this week, but the seeds of some really important events were planted.  We also get even more characters thrown into the mix which is crazy in a book already packed to the gills with heroes and villains.  If you haven't been reading, I can't suggest jumping on this week, but if you have, there is enough here to enjoy.


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