Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Supergirl #35 Review

Written by: Tony Bedard
Art by: Jonboy Meyers
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 15, 2014

Filler Up

I usually don't review Supergirl, but like last issue, this is part of the Doomed story...sort of.  It says so on the cover, but while it does tie-in a bit to the last issue, this is more of a Supergirl/Red Hood one-shot than anything else.  Usually I'd be okay with that since I love both Kara and Jason Todd, but what we get here just isn't that good.

The issue opens with Kara giving Micheal's Parents a "lift".  For those who didn't read last issue, Michael is a guy who saved and took care of Kara during the Doomed story when Earth's atmosphere was full of Kryptonite.  His Parents were stuck in Metropolis during the Brainiac attack and Supergirl found them and now is bringing them flying their car from Metropolis to Queens, New York.  When they arrive at his place, they find him and an uninvited guest.  Red Hood!  I know that Jason Todd isn't a boyscout, but Supergirl and Tony Bedard really do their best to make him look like an asshole.  In fact, Kara thinks he killed Micheal's dog.

The kind that would slap a girl!
The issue then takes an odd turn.  Without really knowing why he is there, Supergirl crashes the two of them out Micheal's apartment window, yells at him and wonders why he is more juiced than an NFL defensive end.  For his part, Jason does aerial acrobatics and shoots Supergirl with an alien tech gun that's a callback to an earlier Superman/Starfire teamup.  After that, Kara decides to help Jason find the dealers of said guns and Jason explains he forced his way into Micheal's apartment to keep his reputation.  That must be the asshole part.

The bulk of the issue involves Red Hood and Supergirl busting heads and heat visioning weapons.  If I told you the Frellian Syndicate was behind the weapons, would that matter?  I didn't think so.  It all seems to be window dressing for Supergirl and Red Hood to go through the buddy cop motions.  You know, you think they hate each other, but they don' think one of them (Red Hood) has left the other (Supergirl, duh) to die, but arrives at just the right moment to save the day.

Yea, just like that
A big battle with a tentacled Alien leader breaks out and while he's armed to the gills, he is no match for our super duo.  You would think this whole episode would be a bonding experience, but Kara instantly threatens to find out what the hell he's on and Jason responds by once again being an asshole.

No more, Jason
The issue ends with Kara fixing Micheal's apartment window and then getting all kissy face with him.  This is actually a nice little scene and I wish that Micheal could stick around for a least a little while because it gives the book a nice balance between super heroics and a normal life.  However, Tony Bedard ruins everything by ending the scene by making Jason a total creeper.

Do the Creep
This issue was filler, pure and simple.  I don't know why the book needed a bridge between Doomed and the upcoming Crucible story, but here it is. I could have enjoyed it anyway, but it just was not good.  The dialogue between the two was laughable and Tony Bedard really worked overtime to make Jason Todd look awful.

I did like Jonboy Meyers' art as much as I like his first name.  By that I mean a lot.  I'll even overlook that Red Hood's mask had a mouth (something I loath) because everything looked so good.  Kudos also go to Hi-Fi for some awesome color work and Guillem March for an incredible cover.

Bits and Pieces:

Supergirl #35 is a minor detour before we get to the Crucible story.  Tony Bedard ruins what could have been a fun one-shot with poor dialogue, a generic story and an all out effort to make Jason Todd look like an ass.  I really liked Jonboy Meyers' art, but it couldn't save this issue from mediocrity.



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    1. true, but after this issue he can add creepy and peeping tom to his list of character traits