Monday, October 13, 2014

Just For The Hell Of It Mondays: Hong Kong, Batman, McDonalds..... YEAH!

Now it's not really popular to say or admit this nowadays and I'm not entirely sure that it was ever popular, but today I want to tell you that I love junk food.  Call it what you will, junk food, garbage food, fast food whatever, I love it.  It's like a hobby of mine, where I find some of the worst food imaginable and I need to stuff in down my gullet because it just tastes so good.  It's Jim's hobby too, so don't just hate on me all you health nuts.  Jim and I are so passionate about this subject that when we were first deciding to do this site, it was almost named Whopper Wednesday because of the obvious Burger King reference and because new comics come out on Wednesday.  Yeah I agree Weird Science is better.

Anyway for today we'll be looking at a commercial for McDonalds from Hong Kong featuring Batman inspired food from the fast food chain that really gets me jealous because, where the hell is my Batman inspired food?  Now I don't speak the language and honestly I'm not to proficient in English either, but what I get from this is that McDonalds in Hong Kong also offers an entire Justice League themed menu and now I'm really jealous.  I want to sink my teeth into a Superman inspired double quarter pounder with cheese and wash it down with another.  Really I just miss DC movie tie-ins to fast food chains.  I loved being a kid and getting all the toys in the happy meals and I even still have my Riddler mug from the Batman Forever promotion.  So check out this commercial and check out the odd McDonalds entrees of Hong Kong and pray that we get some sort of Justice League promotion coming to America.  I bet you won't though, everybody's so health conscious now and look down on my gluttonous ways.  Do it more me then........... I NEED THIS!

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