Thursday, October 16, 2014

The New 52: Futures End #24 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Brian Azzarello, Jeff Lemire, Dan Jurgens, Keith Giffen
Art By: Jesus Merino, Dan Green
Cover Price: $2.99
Release Date: October 15, 2014

In Space Nobody Can Hear Brainiac Robots Coming For Dat Ass!

Okay for our quick recap this week to get you caught up, let me tell you about Frankenstein, Amethyst and Hawkman who were up until recently held captive by Brainiac until they were rescued by Ray Palmer and Black Adam.  Now all they have to do is escape.  Tim Drake under the assumed name Cal Corcoran was recently dumped by his girlfriend after she learned that he was keeping his life before they met, you know the whole Red Robin thing, a secret.  After what looked like him stalking her while she jogged, Tim learned that she now has a coffee date with Ronnie Raymond.  Since we brought up the one half of Firestorm, we might as well bring up the other half.  Jason Rusch now with a lot of free time since Ronnie and his falling out, has been working on a teleportation machine with his boss Dr. Yamazake and off in Africa Constantine was tracking down an ancient Brainiac Robot Monster and lucky for him, he found the long missing Superman instead.  After a bit of "Come on, You're Superman" pep talk, Superman decided to go after the monster and hopefully put an end to the Robot Monster's massacre walkabout.  That's about all you need to know going in, so let's check out what Five Years From Now has in store for us this week.

Explain It!:

Our story begins where we left off last week with Frankenstein, Black Adam, Hawkman, Ray Palmer, The Engineer and Amethyst trying to escape Brainiac's robot forces that want to bring them back to that small moon............ Wait, that's no moon.  It's a space station!  All Star Wars aside, our heroes take the "Nan-Knight" and fly back to the Storm Watch carrier as Black Adam tries to buy them some time. During the escape it seems that The Engineer, now away from Brainiac reverts back to her old self and completely shuts down my theory from last week that she'd turn on them in an instant.  My theory is shut down even harder when she comes to and is so happy that Hawkman is alive that the two start making out.  I don't know what kind of laws are in this sector of the galaxy, but apparently it's alright for a man......... A Hawkman to have a relationship with a machine.  I don't know if there's a law against that on Earth or if I'm just thinking of the stigma that people had about it in that one Futurama episode, but either way if our heroes escape this it looks like Hawkman will be getting some and here I was thinking that Amethyst and him would be the ones hooking up.

We leave this section of the story with Black Adam being unable to stop the robot horde and Frankenstein being shocked when he says the word "Robots!".  I don't get why he's so shocked when he finishes his sentence.  Is it that there's something special about these robots that I'm not getting or is it that the robots are already within The Carrier and he's shocked about the number of them?  Either way it looks like our heroes are going to have to throw down to get out of this one.

On Cadmus Island we see that Mister Miracle has survived the island coming alive with Brother Eye controlled Earth 2 heroes, but the world's greatest escape artist doesn't look like he had a fun time doing it.  He's all bruised and swollen to hell and for some reason when we first see him it looks like he's drinking sea water and even a big dummy like me knows that's not a good idea.  Is there some Apokoliptian back story that I'm forgetting here where they're all about drinking sea water as opposed to Evian?  It's just strange is all and after his sea water refreshment we see that he's saved Fury from Brother Eye's control and she's the one that gave him most of the beating that he's now wearing about his face.  After a bit of banter, Fury decides that their next move is to shut Brother Eye down and save the rest of the heroes of Earth 2.  Only problem is neither has any idea on how to achieve this goal.  Maybe they'll just have to wait it out until Green Arrow and his army arrive and hopefully one of them has a real plan.

Back in New York we see that Ronnie Raymond and Tim Drake's ex-girlfriend Madison Payne have been getting closer and I would imagine that Tim's been stalker her quite a bit because when Ronnie leaves for football practice, Tim arrives out of nowhere to give Madison a rose to tell her he's sorry for not coming clean about his terrible life before the war, where he saw everyone he knew killed thus scarred him forever.  I really don't get how she can be so mad about this and continue to be after he's tried to apologize a ton of times.  He was a goddamn superhero that fought for people during a war and she's mad that he lied to her!  Yeah she has some baggage when it comes to lying, but damn can we please get over this and quit using Ronnie Raymond as a jealousy tool?  I might be too harsh on Madison, but I don't like anyone disrespecting the Robin I grew up with.  At that moment, elsewhere on campus it seems that Jason Rusch and his boss Dr. Yamazake have finally made their teleportation machine work and when Jason tries to tell the doctor that they should move testing from a mannequin to mice instead of Dr. Yamazake's plan to go straight to human testing, well Dr. Yamazake's reaction would be akin to calling someone a communist in the 50's.  I think the good doctor might have lost his shit while he's been cooped up in this lab trying to make a machine to honor his dead wife.  I don't know what kind of story will be told using this teleportation machine in the future, but with the Doc's anti hero propaganda that he's been spewing since Futures End began, I can't think it will be something positive.

In the end we head over to Africa where apparently Constantine was able to give a good enough pep talk to Superman to get him to go off and search for the robot Brainiac monster.  While Constantine waits, it looks like his occult friends are getting antsy about going to a superhero for help and while they bitch about a better plan, the monster returns and kills them.  Now the extent of Constantine's dwindled power since the war is still a bit of a mystery but maybe he's just seen some shit and has given up a little.  No matter what the story is, we see a true Constantine here when our pseudo hero starts doing a protection spell for himself as his friends die around him.  His one friend Midge calls out for help, but John simply tells her that he can't and that she's about to have an awful end.  I don't know if Midge will actually pull through, but before it looks like she's completely dead, Superman shows up and ends our issue by punching the robot Brainiac monster about the face.

That's it for this week's Futures End and while I enjoyed the issue and all the action involved, I'm getting a little tired of Madison Payne's whining, if you couldn't tell earlier.  Is her obsession with people telling her the truth somehow going to come back and be a giant part of our journey to Five Years From Now?  I don't see how it could, but if the writers simply want us to see that Tim Drake has gotten creepy in his old age, then job well done.  So make sure you're back here next week as we get deeper into the Futures End story and maybe that solicit will be accurate to the story.  I don't know if you read the solicit for this week, but they promised Terry's heist gang would be meeting up with Bruce Wayne and I got all excited to see that story here.  Okay enough bitching see you next week.

Bits and Pieces:

All the stuff with Frankenstein, Amethyst and Hawkman is awesome and I wish we'd get an issue just focusing on that because I get all hyped up when I read those sections and then it always puts on the brakes and my excitement has nowhere to go.  I know there are a bunch of stories to tell, but some of these stories are just weak and have me wondering where they'll ever matter in the series.  Maybe I just don't have enough foresight or imagination to piece these events together, but man when this book gives you action, it really delivers.  We got some good stuff here so you'll want to check it out and if you're interested in seeing a former Robin becoming a stalker......... Well I don't like you, but it's here.  Check it out and continue your run into Five Years From Now.


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