Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Justice League #35 Review and *SPOILERS*

Written By: Geoff Johns
Art By: Doug Mahnke, Ivan Reis
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 15, 2014

Searching For Skeletons

When we last strolled through the pages of the Justice League.......... Hell that was only two weeks ago.  WE'RE ALL CAUGHT UP PEOPLE! WOO!!!!  Anyway the last issue of Justice League showed us Lex Luthor getting a little advice from the other Leaguers as they tried to nonchalantly poke and prod to see what Lex's true intentions were for joining the League.  Even with the secretive prods, it seems that Bruce is simply planning on uncovering something illegal when Wayne Enterprises and LexCorp become partners in trying to make the world a better place and I know that Luthor is probably still a bad dude, but their partnership actually seems like something that could benefit the world and shouldn't be used simply as a ruse to get Lex arrested, but oh well.  It also seemed like Power Ring: Jessica Cruz was getting acclimated with controlling her new terrible power and in the end we saw her getting a handle on it and we saw that Lex is not only partnering up with Bruce Wayne and the Justice League, but has some secret plan with the illusive Owlman and you know that can't be good for anybody.  Okay so let's quit jibber jabbering about what happened then, let's check out what's going on now.

Explain It!:

Our issue begins with a big press conference announcing the partnership between Bruce Wayne and Lex Luthor.  When all the photo ops and big speeches are finished, Bruce is welcomed in to LexCorp so he can get the grand tour.  Now this is more than a simple tour to show a new partner what he's signed on for, this is a personal inspection from Batman to make sure that Luthor is actually on the up and up like he claims to be.  Now we know this and Luthor knows this but what he doesn't know is that the Justice League are set up around LexCorp to take their new member down when Bruce gives the signal that he's found something illegal.  Really the majority of this issue is just a bunch of posturing between two genius Billionaires.  Bruce sees the Bizarro clone room and then demands to see Lex's private lab, even though I would personally imagine Bizarro being in a private lab, I guess Lex has another.  Now I do have to give Bruce some credit here because while Lex is explaining that Bizarro was like a sidekick to him, he actually made a joke about Batman's Robins dying and how he must always have another one ready.  I expected Bruce to break Luthor's jaw when I read this, but he must really want to bring Lex down and he totally keeps his cool.  Now at this point I doubt that Luthor knows about Damian dying, but what kind of dick hole jokes about kids dying to Batman?  One who wants to get his jaw broke, that's who.

Inside Lex's private lab we see that Lex's wheelchair bound sister Lena is doing something in the lab, I really don't know what her job is here and what her qualifications might be to work in a lab or maybe she just simply likes hanging out there.  I don't know, but she's there.  Lex introduces the two and then they continue their tour.  

You know weapons, kryptonite, armor and such.  It's all pretty Lex-ish here and then the two begin the posturing again.  Bruce accuses Lex of failing his sister, which really might just be a dig to get back at him for that Robin comment earlier but he might just be getting pissed that he actually hasn't found any evidence to get Luthor prosecuted yet.  All the douchebaggery between these two is put on hold though, when the villain Nutron blasts into the lab and we find out that some secret client has hired Nutron to kill Luthor.  I really hope that Lex is still secretly evil because if he's not, he seriously can't catch a break.

In the end, the Justice League move in to save Lex, Lena and Bruce but one of Nutron's blasts blew open a containment wall and we find out from the emergency broadcast system within the lab that there's a containment leak from a canister.  The issue ends with the emergency system telling us that "exposure to the Amazo Virus imminent, infection begins now."  So with all the Justice League doing their "coming to the rescue" bit, it seems like it might be a bad day for our heroes.  

That's it for this issue of Justice League and I can't believe we're finally caught up with the rest of the New 52 books.  I was seriously doubting if it ever would, but I'm not complaining.  I'm happy as hell to have two Justice League books in one month even though it looks like Ebola will be put on the back burner of people's minds in the DCU, as the Amazo Virus hit's Metropolis hard.  One more little thing I wanted to share with you but couldn't find a place for it is, we see some flashbacks of the current Justice League saving people when Lex is giving his speech in the beginning and at one point Cyborg is telling Shazam that everyone loves Wonder Woman and Shazam get's all flustered when he say's "Who wouldn't" and begins to tell Cyborg that he has a girlfriend but he wouldn't know her because she lives in Central City.  That's the kind of John Hughes reference that we love here at Weird Science and I actually couldn't stop laughing for a minute when I read it.  That's just so good that I had to pass that along.  See you in November when we see if this story becomes DC's The Stand and Captain Tripps wipes out the world.  See you then.

Bits and Pieces:

While most of the story is simply taking a walk down Lex's scheming past and measuring dicks with Bruce Wayne, I found myself really digging the banter between these two.  This being the setup to the Amazo Virus story, I wasn't really expecting much and to be honest I got what I expected.  Not a lot going on here, but it's always fun to see two of DC's brightest try to go toe to toe when they can only fight verbally.  Great art by Mahnke and Reis here so even if you aren't into the story, the artwork will keep your eyeballs glued to the page.  Go check it out so you'll be up to date when the infection starts next month.


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